Bitcoin Circuit - Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin Circuit is a scam! - Remember that we have nothing to gain by telling you Bitcoin Circuit is a scam!

Bitcoin Circuit is a scam! We promise you it is!

Remember that we have nothing to gain by telling you that Bitcoin Circuit is a scam, because then you do not send us any money and neither do the scammers running Bitcoin Circuit.

The only reason people lie is to pretend that it isn't a scam, because then they can take your money by pretending they're going to help you make money.

Remember that!

Only people pretending something is real can take your money, people telling you something is a scam cannot, so why Google and the rest of them behave the way that they do is completely beyond us!

Why would you promote the people claiming a free money system is legit when it is obvious nonsense?

Why promote all of these fake news and fake review sites when all 'Get Rich Quick Schemes' are a scam?

There is no such thing as a surefire way of getting rich quickly.

There are sure fire ways of getting rich slowly, like the stock market in good companies. but it usually takes time, unless there is a pandemic of course!

Google and Meta - promote the pages denouncing these scams for goodness' sake!

The people deserve your honesty, not to be defrauded by people they have grown to trust!

If you want money - try investing in the emerging AI companies instead of lies using AI as a theme!

Be careful though as all trading involved risk! We are not a financial advisor, but we can tell you not to invest in Bitcoin Circuit, it is a scam!


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