MSN is Dangerous!

Is there a more dangerous site to use than the first site that opens up when you use a Windows PC? We think not!

Is there a more dangerous site to use than the first site that opens up when you use a Windows PC? We are struggling to think of one as you can literally lose everything with the scammers hiding within MSN.

Although most internet users recognise MSN as a lot of tabloid nonsense, it is a far more dangerous site to frequent than any other site proliferating sensationalist tabloid nonsense. This tabloid rag is full of the most dangerous of scams - the boiler room scam - and it can hurt your life more than any virus or disk corruption. The boiler room scam can take your savings and destroy your life. How many other websites can harm you that much?

Let's take a look at the first example, a UK-based scam concerning Jeremy Clarkson appearing on the Jonathan Ross show and divulging that he actually made most of his money using a secret app on his phone that automatically trades cryptocurrency:

As you can see the advert is complete nonsense and cannot have passed any vetting, automated or manual, of any kind. It is beyond ridiculous and totally unacceptable. 

Every one of these 'adverts' points to the same scam and are run by the Movie House News site which appears to be a subset of MediaGo whose domain is a constant feature of the links repeatedly shown in these MSN scams.

If we have a look at the website, there is definitely a problem when it comes to establishing the facts. The contact page gives an address of Suite 200B 4800 Hampden Ln, Bethesda, MD 20814


Now if we have a look at that building, it does not appear likely inhabited at the moment as either it or the building next door appear to have been demolished and the building is inaccessible from these photos:

It is possible that they have cleared the entrance to 4800 in the year since this was taken but if that is all one building in the process of being demolished, and it does appear that this is the case, then they will barely even have started to build any kind of replacement and so this address can be discarded as a likely place to be able to contact this business.

Let's take a look at another advert on MSN's front page (the one opening automatically when you fire up Microsoft Edge) and in this example we can see a couple of adverts for a variation on the scam we were just looking at. This time the character being used is a historical lottery winner in the UK who threw his money away and went back to being a slave. This story though, is based upon the same idea that this central character has found fortune again thanks to an app on his phone that automatically trades cryptocurrency.

Finally we move on to what is perhaps the most ridiculous story of all perpetuated by MSN's front page. This time around the celebrity reporting that they have invented an automated cryptocurrency trading system is none other than Elon Musk. They are appearing on the Good Morning show with Gayle to explain that they have invented something that will cure poverty by everyone making a fortune automatically trading cryptocurrency using an app on their phone invented by Elon Musk.

This was recorded yesterday (Apr 11, 2023):

Here you can see that the advert is proposing that you may have something valuable in your attic or loft, which is a sign that they are targeting retired and older people. They are also using a happy, beautiful woman, which may be a sign they are targeting men, but then it may just be a happiness association they wish to make with the outcome of their ads.

The actual photos they use of Elon Musk are from the rather shameless Tesla interview he made just before the sharp rise in Tesla stock in 2019. He also discussed the boring company amongst other things. The interview has been hijacked here to suggest that he was discussing an automated cryptocurrency trading app on mobile phones that will cure poverty and save the world. Communism in other words, which seems an unlikely topic of discussion on Good Morning in the US.

As you can see MSN will advertise anything, even people who are pretending to be MSN in order to defraud their customers. There is no excuse for this, especially as we were reporting this problem just a week or so ago:

Despite all of their promises, they have made zero changes and are still a hugely dangerous site to browse, especially for the pensioner or the younger reader.

Strangely enough, it is Microsoft Edge that tends to block the scam sites more often than Google Chrome. The whole situation is extremely confusing. Alphabet(Google), Microsoft, Meta(FaceBook) and Twitter are all extremely dangerous sites to browse, and we recommend staying away from all of them, even if you have a good AD blocker, which has become vital to surfing the web nowadays. We recommend adblocker ultimate, which is the only service worth paying for that we have mentioned on this page.

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