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Fake news scammers are now suggesting that the Quantum AI scam is actually an invention of British money-saving expert Martin Lewis.

We have talked about the Quantum AI scam before and how it was originally campaigned as a fake news article suggesting that Elon Musk was the proprietor of the whole thing. Well the fake news scammers have moved on now, as that scam has become recognised, and are now suggesting that the Quantum AI scam is actually an invention of British money-saving expert Martin Lewis.

What is Quantum AI?

Well as we have previously stated, Quantum AI is the idea that quantum computing power has been harnessed in such a way as to be able to predict financial markets and subsequently make people a profit with with little or no risk. 

Now just to be clear, as soon as this happened, if it ever could, the FBI would be round to confiscate that computer quicker than you can say dark suit and tie. Any such device or capability would be a huge security risk to the current world distribution of world power and domination, and no one is going to allow that to happen without a very ferocious fight. Anyone telling you that they have a device that can predict the markets under any conditions is essentially telling you that they have a time machine, so you have to really consider whether you should believe them or not. If you had discovered a time-machine, would you start trying to give it away on the internet?

So What is Quantum AI Really?

Well it is a confidence trick. A confidence trick that fills you with false confidence in a product that would never be allowed to exist, or at least never be made available to normal people. The idea of a confidence trick is that they lead you in the opposite direction of the truth. The purpose of this is that is becomes unthinkable that they are lying because they make the truth sound ridiculous. This is a tactic used all over the world by salesman and national leaders on a regular basis. If you can make the reality seem ridiculous, then you do not have to worry so much about people realising the truth as they would never believe it anyway.

In the case of a confidence trick like Quantum AI, they explain to you that Quantum computing gives the power to make calculations that enable AI to predict the markets. The problem is that quantum computing is very new and there is no real software in the way that we normally think of it., There is no operating system that runs on quantum computing because it is very difficult to construct and the number of concurrent operations requires certain numbers of Qubits in order to make it viable and so far there are not very many available in most quantum computers. As a result we are a long way from quantum computing being able to do much apart from huge companies investing in analytical systems on a vast scale for the purposes of recognising patterns with a variation of real quantum computing AI.

So Is Quantum AI a Possibility?

Well this all sounds pretty convincing. Quantum technology is a system of cooling particles down to the extent that they obey different rules to the world that we normally experience. They begin to exhibit quantum, or digital behaviour which can be very useful computationally. What we mean by quantum or digital  behaviour, is that every state of these particles is a discrete, ordained value. It is either in one state or another state, or a state that is neither and yet both. That is the nature of the quantum realm. It obeys different laws to those we consider to be normal in our own experience. A Qubit, which is the quantum equivalent of a computers binary digit or BIT, can be simultaneously one and zero at the same time, which is a complete gamechanger. What this enables computer engineers to do is to use a different set of mathematical formulae to programme and derive result from computation.

In essence it allows for calculations such as the Uncertainty Principle to be used as part of a computer programme, which allows for far greater complexity of conditions and results that programmers have ever been able top assemble and compute before. Essentially it allow for the prediction and mapping of chaotic systems, which all sounds very relevant to markets and money.

So it is possible that in the future, quantum computing based AI may be more effective at making trades than a human, which will mean one thing, and one thing only. The riches people in the world will get richer, as they have the access to these technologies and the people that understand them, while the rest of us will become poorer and poorer. That is the nature of the markets. They favour those with the most to invest.

Is Martin Lewis Involved in Quantum Computing?

No. Martin Lewis founded and then later sold it to He is not even on the same planet as the people who understand quantum computing, and probably doesn't want or need to be anyway. Martin has always been a trustable figure in the world of saving money, not inventing huge computers that will help people become rich overnight. Quantum computing is like Bitcoin or AI. it is a word or phrase that gets thrown around without a lot of understanding of what it means and that means it is a great place to start when trying to confuse and defraud. Stay away from anyone suggesting that AI will make you rich and especially when they use a celebrity to try and sell it to you.


Do not send any money to these scammers!!

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