Bitcoin Prestige

Bitcoin Prestige is a boiler room SCAM to defraud people using the idea of Bitcoin and current news items by signing them up with unregistered offshore scammer CFD brokers.

What is Bitcoin Prestige?

Bitcoin Prestige is a confidence trick designed to defraud people using a simple collection of lies that are re-used over and over for various different scams. These lies are made up of:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Trading Robots
  • Unregulated Offshore Trading
  • Quantum Computing

Using these false ideas, the scammers assemble the notion that an artificially intelligent, quantum computing robot can automatically trade crypto-currency for you and make you a fortune without you having to understand finance, trading, crypto-currency or the markets. This lie is perpetuated throughout the boiler room scam world, and is simply rebranded over and over to create a new scam every few months. Every one of the auto-trading robots is a scam. No one would ever release a technology so dangerous to the public. It is often part of the scam that these projects are just about to be shut down by the central banks or the FBI.

What is the Bitcoin Prestige Website?

Well, it is a website used by the affiliates of the scammers, propagating all of the lies above. It can be found on many different domain names and servers around the world, anywhere where the affiliates of these scammers try running their scam. They typically buy a domain names that is close to the name of the scam, but sometimes they just buy a domain name and a server like and use that to run multiple different affiliate scams for different scammers, all on the same server. They might be running a Bitcoin Code Scam, an Immediate Edge scam and a Brexit Millionaire scam all from the same server, just like do. 

As you can see from the example above, they typically tie in major news stories with their scam to try and feign authenticity. This helps the confidence trick feel like something you have to jump on board right now. It is a sort of of fight or flight feeling that they use to get people involved without having time to think. This has always been the way of the con-artist, and it will probably continue that way forever. 

Are China and Russia Involved?

No, of course not. They have no interest in a scam on the internet. Crypto-currency is a very complicated idea when it comes to the future of the global markets. Any move by the central banks to a centralised crypt-currency will be a global move and you will not find out about it on scammer websites advertising boiler room scams. The Russian and Chinese crypto-currency markets are the same as everyone else's because currently the crypto-markets are decentralised, so there is no difference as to who makes what deal with what country. The only real change that a single country could make to the markets would be to implement some sort of regulation that all retails had to accept Bitcoin or Ethereum which would definitely have an effect on prices. No country would ever adopt a crypt-currency though as they would be surrendering their nation to the control of external computer systems and this is not within the interest of any countries national security.

Can I Make Money with Bitcoin Prestige?

No, you can't. Bitcoin Prestige is just a confidence trick perpetuated by con-artists trying to defraud people by connecting them with offshore CFD brokers in unregulated territories. From there, these boiler room scammer brokers con people into investing all of their money into fake trading accounts. Once the scammers have the money they will transfer it into cryptocurrency (sometimes they will persuade the investor to do this) and transfer the currency into other accounts making it untraceable. As soon as this happens then you have lost that investment forever and any recovery will simply be from a bank or building society. The scammers have already won by then and they will not be returning any money to anyone except the affiliates that run the pages that link to their sites.

What Should I Do If I have Signed Up With Bitcoin Prestige?

Change your mobile number for a start. The most important tool to the boiler room scammer is the telephone. They will call and call until you start to believe their lies and once they have persuaded you to deposit some money then they will not rest until they are sure that they have all of it. They ask probing questions about your situation and how much money you have saved for the future. They ask what kind of car you have and what your mortgage condition is. They will stop at nothing to rinse you of every single penny you have and then they will abandon you and move on to their next victim. This is the methodology of the boiler room scammer. They are just like every other con-artist. They rob you until you have nothing, and then they disappear.

Something else to do is to get a new email address. Email everyone you want to know and tell them you are changing your email address and then make a promise to yourself never to use the old email again. The tactics these scammers operate are very effective. You imaging that you won't fall for their tricks but sooner or later they try a tactic that will work due to a previous experience you've had or because of some belief that you hold. Be careful. Nothing can prevent the effects of endless coercion, sooner or later they wear you down. It is a form of torture really.

Something else to bear in mind is to make sure that they do not ensnare anyone else. Post some links to this blog online. Complain to Google and Facebook for promoting them. Complain about the fake review sites run by companies like Finixio. It is, after all, the fake allure that these scams enjoy that make so many people vulnerable to their behaviour. If everyone online said auto-trading was a scam then these sites would never manage to defraud anyone. The at of things like SEO practice disingenuous as a virtue. The internet is a breeding ground for liars and cheats. Any support you can give to websites that preach the truth is a positive action to take in the face of feelings like betrayal and hopelessness. 

Can I Recover My Money?

From the scammers? Probably not. But you can recover your money from your bank. This is important to understand though. You are making a claim against the bank as they are professionals at dealing with money and do have an obligation to protect you from scams like Bitcoin Prestige. They should be blocking payment gateways to these types of offshore CFD brokers. They should be preventing unusual transfers for sudden changes in behaviour. They should be keeping your money safe.

It is also important to note that you do not need any professional help with this task. You need to approach your bank, you do not need a solicitor or a recovery company to do this. You are the customer, the bank needs to assist you. Recovery companies, even if they are based in you own country, and not Israel, have no power over your bank. The banks will only deal with you as a customer. That is part of the practice of keeping your money secure. Any recovery company is just after a second bit of the money of people suffering from depression and worthlessness. No good people would ever associate with such a business. Speak to your bank and supply them with the details they ask for and recover your money yourself. It is the first step to getting better after dealing with the sort of scum that run these sites.


Do not give these swines any of your money.


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