Who Are They?

What do do?

This site purportedly watches out for scams, but what is it really? It is an affiliate link site pointing to which is exactly the same tactic as the scammers use from which this site allegedly protects us.

The domain name is the first giveaway that something is surely amiss. It does not make any sense - they are not looking for scams or trying to uncover or expose any scammers, they are asking for contacts details of people who believe they have been scammed. This is not a non-profit organisation and so they have no business using the domain suffix .ORG.

Who are

Then we need to find out who these people are. Where are they based and who operates them? What is their phone number and which country are they registered and regulated in? We head to the contact page expecting details, as this is obviously where these details should be. Let's have a look:

No address, no number, just a disclaimer explaining that they are an affiliate and nothing more.

This company is so shady they do not even explain who they are sending your details to, we need to see what their terms and conditions say.

How can help?

We head to the FAQ page and see:

What is ScamWatcher ?

ScamWatcher team have been scammed in the past by a scrupulous company. Since then we wanted to contribute by helping you to avoid those scams and if you have been scammed, to assist you to recover your funds.

This is definitely one of the stupidest things we have ever read online. They are stating that their teams of professionals have been scammed by a scrupulous company. So presumably what this means is that they are all criminals and they have been exposed by a decent company? Or do they mean unscrupulous? 

The definition of scrupulous is:

  1. (of a person or process) careful, thorough, and extremely attentive to details.
    "the research has been carried out with scrupulous attention to detail"


So they have not checked their website for typos or misnomers, which might be OK for a blog, but not a business website.

Then we see that there is an advert that gives clues to their affiliation:

So they are an affiliate of MyChargeBack who are a company supposedly based in New York that help people recover money from their banks. Just to be clear, they do not actually recover the money, they just liaise with the bank, which anyone can do themselves.

If you click any of the links on their list of fraudulent companies to get help, you are immediately sent to: which is obviously their affiliate link to the MyChargeBack mob.

Can be trusted?

The tactics being used here are identical to those used by the scammers and indicate that they are in search of desperate people. Do not engage any recovery company. Speak to your bank, and then your solicitor, there is no such thing as a recovery company that can help you more than your bank can.

So this is interesting, in the video at the bottom they are linking us through to trader defender, but since then the site now promotes, so they must have switched affiliates. This may indicate that they are all the same people.

From the automatic messaging system at the site we receive the following information:

MyChargeBack is operated by Quandrance Finance Limited, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

As below:

And when we search for this company online:

We can see that they are also who are another affiliate of

If we check for their registration and regulation with the FCA we see:

Which does not seem to mention them individually, but the lack of any other pages means that they are not regulated at all and are fraudulently using the FCA to defraud people.

MyChargeBack in the UK have another website and are 

MyChargeBack is a trading name of Quandrance Finance Ltd, registered in England and Wales, company registration 11522989.
Registered address: Unit 1, Office 4A, 1st Floor, Ravensdale Industrial Estate, Timberwharf Road, London N16 6AY.

But this is supposedly a different entity to who claim this: is owned by Cactil LLC, USA 1441 Broadway, 3rd Floor PMB# 3111New York, NY 10018 USA

But their affiliate claims that the site is owned by Quandrance Finance Limited so they must be the same people?

Either way this whole thing is completely untrue. They cannot recover any money, they just ask your bank to perform a charge back, which is something you can easily do yourself.

Are Recovery Companies Legit?

In the most part, no. Although they are not quite a scam they are charging money for something you can do yourself fairly easily and may charge you even if they are unsuccessful. Watch out for the recovery company scams - they are everywhere - trying to get more money from people who have been scammed and are desperate enough to try anything. It takes a very special type of indifference to the suffering of others to think up scams such as these, and a very special type of greed to carry the process through.

The fake recovery company affiliate system is identical to the scammer affiliates that defraud people. The recovery scammers offer an enormous fee to get other companies to link to their affiliate links which them means that the scammers begin to climb the search engines results pages and page rankings. It also means that you are never sure who you are dealing with. The original website, often the affiliate, turns out to be operated by an ethereal overseas entity and the actual scammers turn out to be registered in Israel, but that may not indicate where their offices are actually based. 

This is a recurring property of all of these companies, they wish to make you think that they operate out of Israel, but we have no way of discovering who they really are. We have spoken to some companies that appear that they are actually stationed in Tel Aviv, but this does not appear to be the case with many of them. Many are just Russian or Chinese affiliates of recovery companies and none of them appear to actually operate a chargeback service, but rather just appear to be an expensive option for liaising with your own bank.