- Israeli Asserson solicitor pretending to be yet another Israeli recovery firm claiming to be in London

Here we have another recovery company!

This one is Assersons lawyers pretending to be a specialist recovery company in the UK when they are actually a lawyer in Tel Aviv. Why would they want to recover in the UK when their legal skills are qualifications in Israel? It does seem like an odd choice? Why aren't they recovering for people in Israel? Well, because CFD trading is illegal in Israel, but the UK have not made it so, which means that this company understand how the CFD scammers work very intricately... Interesting.

As you can see they are confident that the UK people are being defrauded by CFD boiler room related scams and they are even aware of the competition as they have put ads geographically centred in the UK against the name

What is this Recovery Company?

Now obviously this article is written specifically for certain people who think that this is a step forward for normal people, trading to people in one country when in another. But these people are not trading to their own community, they are offering a service which they know that the UK people can easily do for themselves, and that this Tel-Aviv based company are no more qualified to do than any member of the UK public. What is most disturbing, is that they would be aware of the problem of these CFD scams in Tel-Aviv when most of the authorities in Britain do not seem to be aware of them. It is as if there is some connection between Tel-Aviv and these scams that is yet to be brought into the daylight.

What is this Article?

The article above does paint a very strong picture of a man feeling inadequate in a minority community in Manchester where his children (the children of a lawyer reportedly with huge international clients, presumably making a fortune compared to most of the other people in Manchester who are incredibly poor, and very often the victims of these kinds of scams) are suffering in said minority. So he started up his own company inspired by an extreme branch of Judaism which as far as we know is a branch of religion that requires the destruction of every other?? Why on Earth anyone would mention this in print is beyond us. Anyway they go on to say that they moved their new company to Jerusalem because of this part of Judaism. But also to help UK Jewish lawyers feel more at home, even though they have been there since the sixteenth century. Now he is specialising in fraud recovery of products that are illegal in Israel (which operates out of) but they appear to have a special knowledge of these scam products. Something here is definitely odd.

Why Are All Recovery Companies in Tel Aviv?

We really dot not have a reasonable answer for this. Could the scammers themselves be in Tel Aviv, or is it just a destination that they choose because getting access to Tel Aviv is so difficult as there are hostile nations in almost every direction. Whatever the reason, there is definitely a similarity in the way some of these recovery companies operate, and the affiliate network scammers operate. They use similar methods to find business and to encourage new customers. This could be entirely to how often they have seen the way the scammers operate in their work, but it does not seem likely as these recovery companies tend to be concerned with recovering from the bank rather than tracking down the scammers.


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