Ryan Reynolds Quantum AI

Has Ryan Reynolds Invested in Quantum AI? Has Ryan Reynolds Invested in Bitcoin Evolution? Has Ryan

Well we are going to investigate Ryan Reynolds and Quantum AI as well as Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Lifestyle and Bitcoin Code as that is what the scammers are supposedly doing..

Has Ryan Reynolds Invested in Quantum AI?

Well Quantum AI is still a bit of a myth, it does not exist in the disclosed technology currently available to consumers. The idea of Quantum computing software is well defined and describes, but the actual Qubit computing power of quantum computers is not yet such that real software is available. Mostly the quantum computing realm is concerned with scientific development running experimental software at universities and laboratories.

The science of quantum computing, for Qubits to be able to operate in a quantum state, requires that they be super cooled, within a fraction of a degree of absolute zero (zero degrees Kelvin or -273.14 degrees Celsius) This makes the maintenance of a quantum computer a very expensive and power consuming activity and so only those with a highly evolved understanding of the concepts tend to keep them around.

Has Ryan Reynolds Invested in Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is a scam, just to be clear. It is a part of a boiler room scam that enables offshore unregulated scammers to defraud people using fake trading websites to impersonate brokers. The scam involves connecting you to a fake broker who logs you into a fake trading website. You then deposit money using cryptocurrency or bank transfer and the scammers then leave you to trade on the fake website while they run off with your money. After a few weeks the website and phone numbers stop working and the scammers open the whole thing up again using new fake trading sites and start scamming new people. The Bitcoin Evolution sites stay the same, though. They just forward you to a new fake broker instead of the old one so that they can scam new people.

Has Ryan Reynolds Invested in Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is another boiler room scam used by the same scammers as Bitcoin Evolution. The site works in exactly the same way and if you search online you can see that the sites are made by the same groups of developers.

There appear to be about six or seven different templates that they use and they all have an image or video with a sign-up form next door. Typically they have a only 5 spots left before we have to close our offer style countdown message at the top and they use this to try and get you to sign-up straight away. 

For the more cautious reader, they then have yards of nonsense about autotrading 99.4% accurate robots that just require you to click 'autopilot' and then you start making money. They often have fake reviews by nonexistent journalists and thousands of fake likes and comments at the bottom of the page. This is to convince anyone reading the whole article that it must be true, as who could make up that many lies on one page. The simple truth is that this is what the scammers do. They just lie and lie and lie and lie.

Bitcoin code is just a marketing tool for scammers to get your details so that the boiler room thugs can start phoning you and bullying you out of your savings. Never ever fill in a contact form with your phone number online unless you are absolutely confident that it is a bonafide company that will not sell on your details.

Even then, we do not recommend giving away your mobile number to anyone without imperative cause. Once they have your mobile number, if they get hacked, you will be plagued with nonsense scammers forever.

Has Ryan Reynolds Invested in Bitcoin Era?

No. Bitcoin Eras is a scam. It is another boiler room scam designed to defraud people by convincing them of a false reality in which they can become wealthy with no effort or experience and then defraud them using fake offshore broker companies that cannot easily be traced. Bitcoin Era is part of a global scam using affiliate networking to boost the idea that these auto-trading software robots can make anyone rich, when in reality they are just tools used by offshore, unregulated brokers trying to defraud people. These trading robots are a way of convincing novice traders to invest with companies they do not have any knowledge of and lose all their money in trades they do not understand. It is a dirty rotten trick and needs to be stamped out. 

Does Ryan Reynolds Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Maybe, he has been quoted as saying it is a huge player whilst at the Superbowl, but that could have easily been misunderstood considering the environment and occasion. As far as we know, Mr. Reynolds is not in need of anymore money and is doing just fine as an actor and liquor company director. He has no need to risk his money on cryptocurrency or to advertise financial products. Any advert that you see implicating that he is using auto-trading software is nonsense.

Why Do Websites Claim Ryan Reynolds Invested in Crypto?

Well because we've all heard of him and know him to be wealthy, so a website can try and use his identity in our minds to try and circumvent our mistrust and try to defraud us. If a website can convince you that Mr. Reynolds actually made a lot of his money from an app that trades cryptocurrency automatically rather than as an actor, then they can start to make you think that anyone can achieve this type of wealth without being good-looking or being confident or whatever. It is quite simply just a ploy to try and steal your money.

Who Runs these Websites?

In the most part we believe that they originate in the UK as that seems to be where a lot of the websites target people, but the affiliates are definitely worldwide, so possibly the originators of it are too. Many of these sites are targeting Australia, South Africa, Italy and New Zealand too, as well as countries in Central Europe. The actual criminals behind the whole enterprise are currently unknown top us and we are trying everything we can think of to uncover the perpetrators of this fraud, so if you know anything or have heard anything, please get in touch.