We need directions to deliver your phone,


Watch out for more of the free iPhone scammer nonsense:

Some of the latest emails are arriving from Margaret, Teleservice+ < [email protected]and are more of the same scammers trying to persuade you to sign up for worthless subscriptions and only entering a competition to win a phone.

Now we are not saying that there is or is not a competition, but these companies are subscription services to better prices which seems like an odd deal. Pay more to get better prices?? How would that work exactly? That if you bought enough items that you would make a profit? Well then how do they make a profit under those circumstances?

Now the link that you click, https://teleservicen.page.link/u9DC, takes you into a world of troubles. Here is an example:


The first screen makes no mention of what you are being signed up for:

It is the second screen where their true intentions are shown: