Who Are

We have received a few requests online regarding this website. Some just as enquiries into their legality and others asking us to mark them as fraudulent. Today we are going to examine their presence online and their legality within the registered country of residence for their business.

First of all, let's start with their website:

So as we can see, they do not show their phone number on the site. This is a fairly uncommon practice for a company seeking customers. If you are eBay or Amazon then hiding your phone details until the last minute is common as they tend to just want complaints to give up, and are too big to be affected by losing difficult customers. In the case of online investment though, phone numbers are a must as people need to be able to trust a company before they invest. Another strange aspect of the phone number absence is that they did not bother erasing the website field where the number goes, they just left the website template as it was with the +xxxxxx still showing, very suspicious. This is definitely a big red flag!

What do Do?

Well, from their website text it is quite difficult to understand what they do. They do have a quote on the front page stating:

Safe, high yield industry-specific solution for Private investors, Families and more.

The other text on their website is equally confusing. A little further down the page they state:

With different knowledge gathered,we help you to generate maximum profits with minimum amount of investment. 100% possibility to increase your income easily with us.

Which doesn't seem to make sense in any language. This website has not been proof read in English which is another big red flag!

With a website that isn't very enlightening. Their pitch is somewhat presumptuous to say the least:

So they immediately ask for your Bitcoin wallet address, your Ethereum wallet address, your Tether wallet address, your Globepay Account ID and your FreedomPay Account ID. This is before they have actually told you what they do.

Where are based?

We decided to use their website chat to get some answers as their site is currently looking like a very dangerous scam:

Well as you can see, it takes a very long time to get an answer and when you do they definitely do not want to tell you anything about themselves. They offer no company registration details, no phone number and their address is obviously not real, as that building is the Liverpool branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland at Liverpool's Exchange Square.

From the language on their website and it's quality we do not believe that this company is situated in Britain or another English speaking country. Their recommended payment system is on a .is domain name for Iceland which seems like an odd choice, but it may not indicate that this is where they are based. Either way this e-currency service does not have a good reputation on

So a decent broker would not recommend using them, assuming that this website even is a broker. 

They have a certificate on their website that feigns authority, but as far as we can see it is completely fake:

As companies house registration numbers are only numeric, and have no 0C at the beginning, as in this 0C415599 example above. We have, however, seen this number before, in connection with another scammer company. 

Their FAQs explain that they only accept e-currencies from various online payment companies that you have to credit before you can transfer them a deposit. We do not believe that a real transferred balance would ever arrive at this company and that, actually your money would simply disappear into the ether, never to be seen again. This is the problem, they are not easily traceable. Just because they host their website in a country doesn't mean that they are actually in that country. A website can be connected to and installed from anywhere on the Internet just as easily as it can be browsed.

How Can We Report

Well because they are not hidden behind a cloaking service like Bitcoin Circuit or someone like that, they can be reported to their webhosts, namecheap. You can report their IP address which is and if enough people complain to namecheap on the namecheap abuse form, then their server will be disabled, and their website taken down. This will cease their fraud, at least for the time being.


Please beware of as we have received multiple reports in the last two weeks that they are a scam site. We will be investigating this site this week but please do not invest with them in the meantime.


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