Martin Lewis Scams on Google Ads (7.52 mb)

We are not quite sure what Butcoins are, advertised below, but the link shows a familiar destination

Linking to the Martin Lewis scam:

So it is Mighty Networks again failing to run any sort of check on their clients and allowing more scammers to defraud people. They even use the MN.CO domain as part of their deception to persuade people they are a large company and have a serious domain name. Presumably the butcoins thing is a typo? You would've thought that their browser would pick that up or the Google interface would at least question if they actually meant bitcoins. Either way it is clear that Google will advertise anything, just like Facebook. 

The creator of this garbage has actually been allowed to call themselves Financial Times for goodness sake.

So they are endlessly destroying every UK establishment in favour of their own ridiculous thirst for money, power and control.

We are past believing that this is beyond the capability of Google and Mighty Networks to police, and are assuming that they wilfully profit from fraud. There is no way to bring these absurdly powerful corporations to justice any longer as they are so intertwined with the intelligence services and have no geographical or national home. They are the proof of a single government in charge of the human race and the next step to it's destruction.


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