SPECIAL REPORT: Martin Lewis’s Latest Investment Has Experts in Awe And Big Banks Terrified


Even when you are searching for something quite normal, you can encounter these scams, this Bitcoin Code scam is associating itself with Martin Lewis and This Morning in the UK. These scammers need to be put in the spotlight and the advertising platforms made to retract these adverts and forfeit the custom of these scammers.

Now it goes without saying that this these articles are complete nonsense. Bitcoin Code is a scam to defraud people all over the World and it needs to be stopped. Martin has been on This Morning to complain about these issues but he needs to state these simple facts:

 None of these scams can be trusted and they must be outed as scams on national television as soon as possible and Google, Facebook and Twitter made to withdraw all of their ads. 


Now even to the most staunchly level-headed individual, this is evidence that every country has lost control over it's own population. If the UK government had any interest in maintaining control they would block Google, Amazon and eBay and most importantly Wikipedia. They no longer control our finances, our media, our education or our medication. The UK has quite simply been destroyed by a force so subtle that we are only just starting to notice.

Our own people can be ridiculed, turned against us, and mis-treated by an unseen force sent across the pond through fibre optic cables.

It is time to return to an age that we understand and boycott this imperialist madness.

It is time to return to being a European island nation, with little concern for what happens overseas and a sensible gold-standard operated currency and a penchant for root vegetables. The most important part of ourselves is maintaining our identity, and we have lost it.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are all defrauding the people of the UK and using Martin to do it. If this cannot be stopped then we must drop our associations with these companies and restore order within our own island ourselves.