- Why is this site not disabled yet?

This idiotic website is still on-line:  

This idiotic website is still on-line:

As you can see from this ridiculous video, the offer is completely absurd:

Now I do not know about your financial backgrounds, but what I can tell you from my experience, is that if there is a guaranteed free money system, then that money is worthless. It has no value because you can get it for free, guaranteed! This website is, after all, a public entity. Anyone can view the page you are browsing and fill in the form you are observing, so anyone can get guaranteed free money, without having to deal with those boobs.

So if this website ensures that money will soon become worthless, then why haven't the banks shut it down? Well because this website is not a guaranteed money system at, all, it is a SCAM! This website is designed to do one thing and one thing only. To get you to fill in the form with your details so that you can be bombarded by scammers until they get all of your money. 

The usual method of scamming people is with fake brokers offering highly leveraged deals on fake MT4 and MT5 platforms, or by using a real MT platform and just making sure that you lose everything.

These scammers are called boiler room scams, and very aggressive, pushy people are made to fight over your cash so that you eventually try your luck at trading, and discover with this broker, you have no luck at all.

In short, they make sure you lose all of your money either through bad advice, or by scamming you with a fake website and actually just sending your money into cryptocurrency and never returning it.


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