Bitcoin Rush

Well, how do we know, how can we be sure, that something like Bitcoin Rush is a scam? What about all

Well, how do we know, how can we be sure, that something like Bitcoin Rush is a scam?

What about all these reviews? Surely there must be some doubt if so many people review this website and software?

Why would so many people bother reviewing something if it was so obviously a fake?

Well the answer is simple, affiliate fees.

If you can find the Bitcoin Rush boiler room scammers a new victim, they will pay you $700USD then and there.

So everyone that has no concern for their fellow humans either makes a Bitcoin Rush site from a template and changes the colours a bit, or they perform a fake review with lots of heading like 'How much money can I make from Bitcoin Rush?' to fool the search engines into thinking it is a real product, and ranking their review.

In reality, just from the number of websites claiming to be the official site you can see instantly it is a scam! 21/10/2016

Make money from the warmth of your home!

Make money from the comfort of your home!
More than 130,000 users trust us! is an effective and sophisticated project, thanks to which anyone can increase their income for themselves and others at the same time!



Jaurisova 515/4, Praha 4 - Michle 140 00
Telephone: +420 211 222 575


Reg. No.: 02552671
VAT No.: CZ02552671
District: Praha-mesto
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: up to 5 employees
Turnover: less then 185 thousand €

+420 211 222 575

[email protected]

Web: - This is a company that offers a virtual headquarters in Prague or Brno so that anyone can run a business doing anything they want and everyone will blame it on the Czech people. In other words it is a great company to use if you wanted to run Bitcoin Rush secretly from the UK and have everyone running around after Czech people instead of you.

GPS: 50°3′33.88″ N, 14°26′56.58″ E

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