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    Elon Musk To Step Back From Tesla And SpaceX, Jumps on Quantum Computing Fin

Elon Musk - News Spy Ads - Fake News

Fake News Ads on MSN.com posing as a SpaceX site at https://thecafepost.com/what-is-that-spacexs-starlink-satellites-explained/

This is on MSN:

But when you just browse to the link without clicking the ad, you get another page altogether:

A typical internet junk site of no purpose or interest, just an SEO site with auto-generated nonsense to confuse the spider search engines into believing that this site is for news and is informative in some way. As usual celebrity is at the core of the material.

So this ad is specially written to defraud people and not be noticed by Microsoft. The scammers are getting more and more devious.

Here is the fake news with all of the links removed and replaced with a link to our review of the News Spy site: 

Elon Musk Is Here To Save The World and Make Everybody Rich!

Bulls**t alert!

Charlie Milward
3 days ago
n1Elon Musk makes his biggest investment to humanity.

Real life ironman - Elon Musk, has been superimposed onto this News Spy scam and according to the ridiculous article has announced why he’s stepped back from Tesla and SpaceX, his most beloved companies. His new venture, called The News Spy has seen invest over 2 billion dollars in just the past 2 years - to develop and code The News Spy

Before we go into the details of what The News Spy is, let’s talk about who Elon Musk is. Elon Musk is a visionary. Some call him the smartest entrepreneur of our century. He believes in renewable energy, living on Mars, and pushing the envelope of what’s possible. Although his ideas often seem too radical and impossible to many people, Elon is proving them wrong year after year. He has made it his agenda to make the world greener and bring humankind to new possibilities. Some of his ventures include PayPal, Tesla, Boring Company and now OpenAI.

But now, Elon has decided to partly withdraw from running Tesla and SpaceX, in order to focus on his new venture in the financial sector. That's why he’s acquired The News Spy.

What exactly is The News Spy ? The News Spy is advertising campaign used by boiler room scammers to convince ordinary people to relinquish their contact details so that the boiler room scammers can make that person their latest victim. They do this by constantly phoning and phoning the person, telling them that they are about to make a fortune if that person follows the instructions given by the boiler room scammers.

n11/39 The News Spy Computer Being Built - February of 2018

If you were to take ALL of the world's scams and compare them, the boiler room scammers are amongst the worst. You can see that they are using various methods here to try and make you believe that this is a real idea. That a rich person who thinks a little differently, as Elon Musk is billed to be, might want to make everybody rich, but there is a problem. There is a significant problem with building a financial technology with the plan of redistributing the world’s wealth.

Basically, to take from the top 0.1% and give back to the 99.9%. Elon believes wealth is not distributed well in our time and the problem is getting worse. Well of course he does, he is one of the main problem causers with over $30Bn in his own pocket. Although there will always be someone richer and someone poorer, the current situation is unacceptable – where the top 0.1% controls almost 90% of world's wealth. We won't bother going into why this has happened but we promise you that Elon Musk is not at all worried by the distribution of wealth, more by the excessive population growth. Elon Musk could not redistribute wealth unless he took all the money away from his rich peers and they would not allow him to live if he tried that.

Ok, the theory is there, but how will the scam work?

Overall, the idea is easy. They purpose of these articles is to take a glimmer of an emotion at the start, and gradually convert that into an idea that their product is a solution to your problem. So in this case, they are using the airy-fairy world of Elon Musk and his Iron Man image, and then using that as a starting point to introduce this idea of binary options trading. Binary means that there are only two outcomes, 1 or 0. Win or lose. This is  type of trading that is not regulated in the US or Canada and is similar to gambling rather than investment.


The News Spy fleet of 39 Total Q-Computers

They are taking your feeling of hope that they inspired at the beginning of their article and gradually realigning that idea with the idea of binary options trading using computer algorithms, which is more commonly referred to as Meta-Trading or MT4 and MT5. It's not revolutionary at all!

Can you tell us how The News Spy works?

The News Spy works like a team of hundreds of conmen. Using the above images of quantum computers used by Disney and others from a company in Canada, and pasting QuantumAI on the side, they pretend that these computers are in some way connected with Elon Musk. Once they have convinced you of that association then they start to assemble a concept in your head that Quantum computing can predict the stock market. Now in some ways, this is theoretically possible. Quantum computing is theoretically dealing with a state of reality that is undecided, it is at the forefront of the creation of our reality, if you believe the many worlds theorem. The idea that a particle is not yet assigned its properties by nature is at the core of what makes quantum computing so powerful. If the Quantum computing concept is muddled up with the stockmarket, it can sound like you could make predictions, and that fudged idea is used to rip people off. It’s that simple. They also throw AI in just to suggest that the software is self-governing and that no one is to blame if it all goes Pete Tong. This is the first premise of the sting, that Quantum computing can do things that cannot be explained and that these people have used that technique to predict the future of the stockmarket.

How often does The News Spy make a mistake?

Quantum computing is the idea that they are using to defraud people with then, but what are they going to tell you when you haven't been able to withdraw your money made by this magical Elon Musk QuantumAI nonsense? Well this is where they begin introducing acceptable failure to keep you dull-witted whilst they defraud you. This has always been part of the confidence trick arsenal. They tell you that sometimes it makes a mistake, and when that happens it will soon be corrected as the machine is right most of the time. In this case they are using the 91% value, which is basically 9 out of 10. We can see them preparing us for the sting here: We are still in the Beta stage of our quantum computer and software, but it’s already showing over 91% successful trades. This means that out of 100 trades The News Spy makes automatically, around 91 will be profitable.

How much money can a regular user of The News Spy make?

Now we come to the second premise of this sting. The New Spy is just a website, it is not actually a real entity. It has no company number or trading website, as otherwise it would be too easy to cast lame and get a refund. The News Spy simply forwards you to an unregulated offshore boiler room broker, so that the brand name of 'The News Spy' remains untainted. They will want to use it again you know. So here they are conditioning us for when the website sends us to an unknown broker and registers us with said broker automatically. The below example is Bitcoin Trader, but they are all the same boiler room scam:

This is why we see the conditioning here, preparing us for the shock of when we are suddenly redirected to a site we do not recognise, with no visible indication of any connection to Elon Must or quantum computing. We need to be pre-assured that all is well as when the boiler room scammers call, which they are just about to do, we are responsive to their suggestions rather than apprehensive. So we see paragraphs like: It depends a lot on the money they invest and the brokers they work with. 

How do They Know You Have Money to Scam?

So here is the third premise that the boiler room scumbags use in order to find the correct people to scam. They continually remind us throughout their absurd videos that the required deposit is $250 USD. It is always $250 USD no matter which scam, and no matter which boiler room. They must have discovered that this was their sweet spot after years of scamming. They do not want people with no money to lose, only people who can use credit cards, and get loans. This is important. It is the sign that this scam is based upon getting a few thousand dollars out of each victim. That is the basis for the scam. Because of this we see paragraphs like the following: Let’s take the regular user who starts with 250$ and bets 20$ per trade. Over 24 hours, The News Spy will make around 200 trades based(this is limited by user) on information gathered by The News Spy. Around 182 of the trades will be profitable, 18 will not. This means the user will earn approximately 3,480$ and lose around 520$. Evening out to 2,960$ profit in a single day. There are some small commissions added by the broker, but it’s usually less than 2%.

You see that they continue with the 9 out of 10 statistics so that at the time of the sting you will not be immediately suspicious.

Has any user actually lost his investment?

Here is premise four. That if you are down, putting more money in will eventually get you back in the black. This is a device to get your head wired wrong. So that your solution to losing is to lose more. It is an old conman trick, that you just have to keep playing to win. It has been used by every gambling house in history until regulation began back in the nineteenth century. Now you cannot get away with such an obvious scam, which is why these scammers are forced to use the internet outside of any regulation on Earth. Here they are preparing us for the misdirection: No, we have never had a user who has lost more than he put in. Even the worst cases we have had always been profitable in the end. What improvements are you working on right now? There are many we’re currently working on, but Elon insisted I not share them yet. Stay tuned though – it’s going to get even better than it already is now!

How much will it cost to use The News Spy automated system?

Premise five. Time is limited. You only have this one chance to get on board the gravy train which is leaving the station now. You do not have time to think, you're either in or out, with us or against us, on or off. That is why they use the idea of this beta-testing scenario. They have taken an idea that is used to be sure something is ready for market - beta-testing - and perverted it into being some sort of temporary state that will not last. That the system is only free whilst they are testing it. This is a ridiculous idea. There is no way they would allow a beta version of any software to use real accounts and real people with real money. This is why we see these types of statements on the scam websites: We don’t know yet – it fully depends on running costs and where we want to take the technology. But the first 1,000 spots will be free – we want people to help us test it (and make money while they do so). After that, for regular users, we’re thinking of charging $10,000.00 monthly and more than ten times as much for those trading firms who wish to use The News Spy regularly across their business. We do not want to disrupt the stock market too much so spots will be limited to 500 trading firms and 50,000 regular users.

When will The News Spy be available?

So here we are at the final part of the scam build-up. with a touch more premise five at first: Very soon. We’re just adding finishing touches and the first members will be welcome very soon. First, we’ll open the doors for small traders - regular people, and only later for big trading firms. Again, the first 1,000 people will get a lifetime membership for free.

Then we move on to premise six, the testimonials and fake testing by our special correspondent.  This is the same every time, no matter the sting, this is the part where they address all of your objections with one simple method, the phantom happy customer. A fake person that was in your situation and tried the software, and is now a multi-millionaire living in paradise. This is the part of the sting where you crack, where you give in to their lies and deceit. In this case they are using a phantom called Alex Woods and he will show us how well he has done and how happy he is as the icing on the s**t cake. Alex Woods has a very normal name and is a very normal looking person, perhaps a bit overweight and boring-looking so that you feel superior to him. If he can do it, so can I syndrome. They also use the name Daniel here but we think that they just forgot that they were using Elon Musk in this scam rather than whoever Daniel is. Either way Daniel is the character showing Alex Woods what to do and is leading us into the News Spy scam.

After the interview Daniel showed us The News Spy in action. It was like seeing a real miracle taking place before our eyes. Daniel’s software was making on autopilot. Daniel was so confident in his software in partnership with QAI, that he offered to give us one free membership so we could run our own independent tests, and so we did.

We took one of our intern students, Alex Woods, and told him to sign up, following each step provided by Daniel.

The first step was easy - he needed to fill in some details like his name, last name, email and phone number. After the form was completed and submitted, he was taken to The News Spy dashboard. Everything seemed pretty easy so far.

The next step was to fund the trading account with a trusted broker. The News Spy selected verified broker for Alex. As we were navigating to the deposit page, Alex received a phone call from his personal account manager wanting to assist in the funding and setup process. With the help of his account manager, the funding process didn’t take long, as all major Credit Cards like VISA, MasterCard and American Express were accepted. Alex went ahead and deposited 250$. Once funded, we navigated to the “Auto Trader” section of software, set the trade amount to recommended 20$ and enabled it.

Premise Seven - this software does all of the work, this is actually introduced much earlier in the scam, right at the start in fact, but we will add a quick word about it here. This is vitally important to the scam, the idea that you need no experience of trading or brokers to get involved. This is vital because no real trader would entertain this nonsense for a second. It is an absurd idea from every financial angle. They need you to be a novice, and they will continually remind you that this software does all of the work so you don't have to, just to be sure they attract only novices.

The News Spy started making trades automatically in front of our eyes, winning most of them. We left it active for 23 hours and once we came back, Alex already had $2,592.37 in his account.


Alex wasn’t convinced. To make sure this was all real and not just some phoney numbers on the screen he requested a withdrawal of $2,500.00 to his bank account. This was a fast and easy process as The News Spy's brokers are all verified. After 2 hours, the money was in his bank account! At this point we knew that we were looking at the real deal.

Premise eight - you can withdrawal, no problem. This is mentioned time and time again, essentially to blind you from the truth. If they can assert in your head that withdrawal is easy, you will not test it until you actually come to withdrawing your fake profits. This is at the core of the boiler room scammer tactics. They do not really have a trading site, it is just a set of numbers and lines that go up and down at the behest of your boiler room scammer. Thy inflate you fake balance on the trading screen until you deposit everything you have. Once they have your money they move it through various crypto currency wallets until they feel comfortable selling the assets and disappearing. That is the scam. If you tried to test the withdrawal function at the start, they might only get the $250 dollars instead of $30k.


This was a fast and easy process as The News Spy's brokers are all verified. After 2 hours money was in his bank account! At this point Alex and we knew that it’s real.

There you are, they are showing their true colours here. "At this point Alex and we knew that it’s real." is not a sentence you would ever see on a real trading site, the truth is creeping out through their text.


We can’t wait for the software to go live – as we’re sure others feel similarly! If you’re looking to change your life, and make a fortune on autopilot, check this out. It sounds too good to be true, but take one chance, and find out for yourself.

When you hear about those first 1,000 people making money without paying massive fees for trading, you’ll regret it. Avoid that, and sign up when it goes live.


It’s happened! Daniel has just notified us that The News Spy is live! They are accepting their first 1,000 members As of writing this, there are 937 spots left, but it won’t be long before all spots are filled with this once in a lifetime opportunity, so hurry up. Click the link below to sign up now.

Click Here to access The News Spy

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