Reviewing Trustpilot - Fake Reviews?

Reviewing Trustpilot in the hope that they can improve their anti-spam/scam/fraud systems, but what

Reviewing Trustpilot in the hope that they can improve their anti-spam/scam/fraud systems, but what happens?

This review has been removed. Trustpilot uses advanced software to detect suspicious reviews. Your review has been flagged and removed for breaching Trustpilot’s Guidelines for Reviewers.
1 star: Bad
Review removed

The review reviewing system is…

The review reviewing system is absolutely hopeless. Every time I try and warn people against scams they delete my review. I have tried to warn people against Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin System, Brexit Millionaire, 1K Daily Profits, Quantum AI but they remove my review every time. The scammers though just get a profile with a stock photo and write the same text across the reviews of all of their preposterous scammer websites and they are accepted, even though they only leave one review and always give a photo. Trustpilot are too dumb to notice the patterns. They just go by length of review as if that has any relevance. The angriest people eave the shortest message and they are the most likely to be telling the truth.
TP are more of a menace than a help. They make people think Brexit Millionaire is real and everyone gets scammed!
Please get a new job TrustPilot to save us all the scammer plague.

Oh the irony...

Rather worryingly, quite a lot of these Trustpilot reviews appear to be from scammer types, claiming they make profits ??? :

4 stars: Great

I got the promised profits

I got the promised profits! With time, I am planning to invest bigger amounts too. 

5 stars: Excellent

Fast delivery and perfect…

Fast delivery and perfect condition,Fast delivery and perfect condition, great service. 

5 stars: Excellent

This site is best Investment platform…

This site is best Investment platform that I have seen. In beginning I was a bit sceptical and thought it was a scam but gave them a try and didn’t look back after that . 

4 stars: Great

I have earned a tons of money from…

I have earned a tons of money from their plans and I’m expecting to purchase my own home this year thanks arbix

2 stars: Poor

Did a one star review yesterday

Did a one star review yesterday. Thought I’d check that it was still up there today. other people have complained their bad reviews have been removed for this company, screen with envy, and lo and behold my review is not on there. Why do you delete bad reviews without telling the reviewer?

Yes, these are review of Trustpilot, allegedly by real people, and yet they appear to be completely fake and very often about the wrong product entirely. The real reviews tend to be quite damning...

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