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easy-to-read.eu - Affiliate Scammer Site


There seem to be a lot of sites connected to this DMCA.com thing. Now we are not sure what this site is, but it does not seem to be officially recognised by the WIPO or anyone else for that matter. Reviewers talk of the DMCA.com site being part of a Canadian company that only deals with US site matters and does so to avoid legal comeback. The DMCA ruling, for those of you that are not familiar with it, is a ruling that seeks to protect websites and website assets from being plagiarised or duplicated. The DMCA ruling does not have any specific connection to DMCA.com who apparently offer to enforce this ruling for $199 USD per website. They offer a home-brew version of their services for $10 USD and a professional service for $199 USD. So they basically contact people on your behalf for $199, this sounds a bit like the recovery companies with whom we are so familiar, except that DMCA.com are making it clear in advance that you can achieve this yourself.

Now the Easy-to-Read.eu site has a DMCA logo as above on it with a protected seal alongside to indicate that right click has been disabled on the site. Now this may be a great selling point for this company to get millions of sites signed up for marketing purposes, but disabling right click is a very simple bit of javascript code and is completely pointless anyway, as anyone can always read your content, that's why you put it on the web.

So what is their connection to easy-to-read.eu? Well, probably none directly, but they do seem to have quite a lot in common in terms of operation as neither appear to actually be what they claim. As we have already stated, DMCA has no official regulation, and is not even based in the country with whom it deals, and easy to read, who say they are connected with all of these organisations:


Easy to Read
Rue d’Arlon 55, 1040 Brussels – Belgium
Tel: 0032 2 502 28 15
e-mail: [email protected] – website: www.inclusion-europe.org - This website doesn't exist, it should end .eu.

Anffas Onlus
Via Casilina 3/T, 00182 Roma – Italy
Tel: 00 396 3611524 – 00 396 3212391
e-mail: [email protected] – website: www.anffas.net

Udruga za samozastupanje
Bleiweisova 15, 10000 Zagabria – Croatia
Tel: 00385 1 555 66 80
e-mail: [email protected] -website: www.samozastupanje.hr

Maleva 16, 11711 Tallinn – Estonia

Tel.: 00372 660 50 67 – Gsm: 00372 56671222
e-mail: [email protected] – website: www.vaimukad.ee

Rupju Berns
Ventspils iela 29, Rīga – Lettonia

Tel.: 00371 67617609
e-mail: [email protected] – website: www.saule.org.lv

SPMP ČR – Inclusion Czech Republic
Karlinske nam. 12/59, 186 03 Praga 8 – Czech Republic

Tel: 00420 221 890 436
e-mail: [email protected] – website: www.spmpcr.cz

Heydukova 25, 811 08 Bratislava – Slovakia

Tel: 00421 2 63814968
e-mail: [email protected] – website: www.zpmpvsr.sk

Zveza Sožitje
Samova ulica 9, 1000 Lubiana – Slovenia

Tel: 00386 1 43 69 750
e-mail: [email protected] – website: www.zveza-sozitje.si

FEAPS Confederacion
Avda. General Peron 32, 28020 Madrid – Spain
Tel.: 0034 91 556 74 13
e-mail: [email protected] – website: www.feaps.org

17 Lonyay utca, H-1093 Budapest – Hungary
Tel.: 0036 1 411 1356
e-mail: [email protected] – website: www.efoesz.hu

Grazbachgasse 39, 8010 Graz – Austria

Tel: 0043 316 – 81 47 16 -0
e-mail: [email protected] – Website: http://www.atempo.at/

Me Itse ry Pinninkatu
51, 33100 Tampere – Finland

Tel: 00358 0207 718 200
e-mail: [email protected] – Website: http://www.kvtl.fi/sivu/me_itse_ry

Nous Aussi
15 rue Coysevox, 75876 Paris Cedex 18 – France

Tel: 0033 1 44 85 50 50
e-mail: [email protected] – Website: http://www.nousaussi.org

15 rue Coysevox, 75876 Paris Cedex 18 – France

Tel: 0033 1 44 85 50 50
e-mail: [email protected] – Website: http://www.unapei.org/

Büro für Leichte Sprache of Lebenshilfe Bremen
Waller Heerstraße 59, 28217 Bremen – Germany

Tel: 0049 421 387 77 79
e-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.lebenshilfe-bremen.de

Inclusion Ireland
Unit C2, The Steelworks, Foley St, Dublin 1, Ireland

Tel: 00353 1 8559891
e-mail: [email protected] – Website: http://www.inclusionireland.ie/

Kalvarijų g.143, 08221 Vilnius – Lithuania

Tel: 00370 5 261 52 23
e-mail: [email protected] – Website: http://viltis.lt

Rua Augusto Macedo 2A, 1600-794 Lisboa – Portugal

Tel: 00351 217 11 25 80
e-mail: [email protected] – Website: http://www.fenacerci.pt/

ENABLE Scotland
ACE 2nd Floor,146 Argyle Street, Glasgow G2 8BL – Scotland

Tel: 0044 141 226 4541
e-mail: [email protected] – Website: http://www.enable.org.uk



But neglect to give their own address or any contact details at all.

Then we come to the real problem. What they are advertising with fake reviews:

So here they all are. And this time the affiliate system is slightly different. The YuanPayNow scam are obviously offering the highest affiliate fees at the moment and so the easy-to-read.eu site has pointed every link for every scam at: https://greatestpages.net/yuan-pay-app-1-step/?oid=124&qze=4956&hitid=93c0647c-bb25-4c8e-a58c-fa23692ec7f1&aff_sub=45269&saf=&cvu=&action=&aff_sub5=1190032ee96642bc93a6b1117e84065e19cf1&url_id=124&aff_sub2=&aff_sub3=&aff_sub4=&tracker=cg

We can see that they are affiliated by the link they send across and that the easy-to-read.eu website is therefore taking money from people defrauding it's readers.

Now this could explain why there is absolutely no content on their site, perhaps they are a sham, designed to feign credibility so that their reviews will be trusted and their readers will be defrauded.

Perhaps they operate the https://greatestpages.net server themselves, but their exposure is limited. Everything appears to be hidden behind cloudflare and nothing is particularly revealing. This is also the sign of someone who wishes not to be recognised.



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