British Bitcoin Profit - Bill Gates

Watch out for these ads on Google:

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Watch out for these British Bitcoin Profit ads on Google:

As you can see they are using the Bill Gates interview to try and persuade people to sign up for British Bitcoin Profit trading which is a front or campaign as the brokers refer to it as. As soon as you have signed up for this you will be the recipient of a call from an offshore unregulated broker operating out of an unspecified location in the UK. They have a routable 0203 number that can be diverted anywhere and they claim to be a legitimate firm. Often the official company for whom they supposedly work (and whose platform you will actually be using) are registered in St Vincents and the Grenadines or Cyprus.

Now it goes without saying that Bill Gates and his foundation do all sorts of things all over the world and very few of them have turned out to be of obvious benefit to humankind. Anyone with the smallest amount of intelligence has to admit that his foundation showed up a little too conveniently for this COVID business and that it is a bit odd that he would have any understanding of this anyway as he is a entrepreneur who made is money out of someone else's idea. He is definitely not here to give money away, he is here to collect it. He just hasn't noticed they're going to destroy Europe and the US while he isn't looking. Whilst everyone else is clapping towards a phantom that let them down in every measurable way. Furlough is an illusion, you have already lost your country, your community and you industry.

Another ad for UK people is the Akshay Phillips ad:

This is exactly the same scam, just with a competing affiliate that will try and get you signed up to another, or maybe the same broker. The actual affiliate system is run by a group that seem to either own, or be in partnership with a lot of these offshore CFD brokers offering huge leverages so that they can take all of your deposit without explanation and then disappear.


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