YuanPay Group - is it a Scam?

YuanPay Now is it a Scam?   https://amazing-offers.online/yuan/ Well firstly we have a look at

YuanPay Me Now? - is it a Scam?


https://amazing-offers.online/yuan/ Chinese Central Bank backed cryptocurrency or just another affiliate scam?

Also at: https://yuanpaygroup.org/, https://yuan-paygroup.com/https://yuanpaygroup.com/ and https://yuancoin.site/ because obviously you need a lot of sites with the same content when you're not an affiliate scammer trying to rip everyone off.

Looking at the root domain, amazing-offers.online and we see that it is the Immediate Edge site. Oh dear. You can read about Immediate Edge and the fact that it is misrepresentative in every way. Immediate Edge is not a get quick rich scheme, it is an affiliate system for recruiting unwitting CFD traders to offshore, unregulated brokers who can then easily defraud you with high leveraged trades that you may not understand the consequences of.

Just to be clear, a national cryptocurrency would be a confusing idea as it would not allow international trade without exchanges to other currencies which seems to make the whole point of a cryptocurrency redundant. This site also claims that this is run by the Chinese Central Banks which once again is against the fundamental ethos of cryptocurrency (so we are told) so this currency must be much more like Ripple (XRP) which has a centrally managed structure and so is far more likely to entertain the interests of a national banking scheme.

The video supplied with the site:

Now everything in this video is completely senseless. The American tech plan is to be completely omnipotent in every part of the business of planet Earth and they would never favour a Chinese Cryptocurrency over their own as it would not actually be legal tender in their own country anyway. This is a huge red flag!

The app for Android devices is here and has a predominantly one-star rating with everyone explaining that as soon as you enter your number a scammer broker tries to get you to sign up onto their platform with no evidence of this app even being able to trade. The same scam as the Bitcoin Profit app apparently. Another huge red flag!

We can also see that they have manufactured fake Forbes covers for their aims, as Forbes are currently reporting China as a country locking down all cryptocurrency activity: