Tesla Elon Musk Scams on FaceBook

Tesla Elon Musk Scams on FaceBook  

Tesla Elon Musk Scams on FaceBook


More Elon Musk scams are being perpetrated on FaceBook.

Here they are again:

When we click we see the following: https://sterrinck.com/en/biprp5/blog102/?flow=1403&l=878&fb=512262330210352&fbe=Lead&utm_source=emPhatDongSonHaNVK&fbclid=IwAR0f_EUN0wQGQLwIrCJZEDX6FM5sKfHb00_lGniYegUlvT_a5goLDObT2E0


From here we see the following site: https://putridities.com/en/biprp5/blog102/?flow=1364&l=502&fb=385265842915924&fbe=Lead&utm_source=JCLopez&fbclid=IwAR0qzdV8Xq4-0diFsEhYD3xKs60Y8GTZUzXWVzAU5abkRPFGHQYN4goIjtI

Which takes us to:

As you can see, Elon is advertising a new version of Bitcoin Profit which is actually just a 'campaign' for offshore CFD brokers in Cyprus and the Caribbean.

The brokers will give you a couple of reasonable tips for profitable binary (win or lose everything in one go) trades until you feel confident you are going to make some good money. Then when you put $30k into a deal you suddenly lose everything and the leveraging means you owe the brokers even more than you have in your savings account.

Be extremely careful - Elon Musk is not concerned with the average family, how could he be? He is interested in space travel and electric cars and trains.

Facebook are still preventing us from reporting the ads:

"Your request couldn't be processed"

"There was a problem with this request. We're working on getting it fixed as soon as we can"

We are also seeing these ads, twice on one page in the FaceBook marketplace:

Which takes us to: https://pilottowns.com/en/biprp5/blog102/ or https://peritrichas.com/en/biprp5/blog102/

Which is the same as the other Elon Musk ad.

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  • How can FaceBook get away with this? This is a sign that the internet was the destruction of all national laws

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