Piers Morgan Brexit Millionaire Scam

Is Piers Morgan using Brexit Millionaire? Well of course he isn't. His job is to maintain public opi

Is Piers Morgan using Brexit Millionaire?

Well of course he isn't. His job is to maintain public opinions in what matters to the establishment/central banks, he doesn't need any more money. He can have whatever he wants as  long as he keeps towing the line.

This website is designed to stop you thinking when you are forwarded to the link that every click here will take you to: https://dinuguqa.momonota.com/tracker?offer_id=3998&aff_id=10828&amp

This is an affiliate app, that they owner of the website takes a fee from for every click. You can see that this affiliate has the affiliate code aff if=10828 to tell the scammers who they need to pay for each victim sent to them from this website.

Let's take a look at what they say to persuade us to click their nonsense:

The site appears to be linked to something called: https://jacobtokoly.com/id_1234 which may be another affiliate site.

Now the text "SPECIAL REPORT: Piers Morgan's Latest Investment Has Experts in Awe And Made Big Banks Terrified" does sound somewhat odd. No one says 'Special Report' anymore unless they are from the 1920s, and there is a reason for this. 

This article is designed to appeal to those recently arriving in the English Speaking World as they are the people that are most easily incited to panic. They have come to another country to earn money and are finding themselves in a world gone mad. They were expecting more stability and have found less. If they are in a state of worry and fear they can be persuaded to do something they will regret more easily, and that is what these scams are all about.

US Citizen John Oliver

John Oliver was originally from the UK but now lives and works in the US and has nothing to do with Piers Morgan or Brexit Millionaire. Big red flag!!

Piers Morgan was a tabloid newspaper editor that everyone hated who suddenly has been given a new lease of life for some reason. He is now considered a sort of cruel interviewer type. His connections with those in charge of the Bank of England are steadfast and he would never do anything to jeopardise that relationship, so when you see an advert telling you that the Bank Of England tried to stop an interview (when they have had blanket control of UK, US and European media for 200 years) is clearly ridiculous.

The text goes on and on explaining that John Oliver is shown the amazing technology by Piers Morgan and that they make money on the show using their mobile on 'autopilot' without doing any real trading. John is amazed and Piers is suddenly shit down when the Bank of England phone a US show and have it stopped.

No one goes on a national show in any way related to finance unless they have been completely vetted by the central banks and have been briefed on what to say or they will never appear again. This is obvious nonsense again. Big red flag!!

There is then an endless number of alleged people who have made money from this app (with no link to the apps stores to download it) and the usual other nonsense pictures of non-existent people leaving comments.

Finally we get to the truth:


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