Bitcoin Rush Ads

Bitcoin Rush Ads on Google: Make £ 3.190/Day P͟r͟o͟f͟i͟t͟ - Start with just 250 Ad·htt

Bitcoin Rush Ads on Google: 

Make £ 3.190/Day P͟r͟o͟f͟i͟t͟ - Start with just 250
Achieve success with professionals on the best platform for earning money. Limited offer...
So firstly this ad is a bit confusing:
Make £3.19 per day from £250, so that is only a little above 1% but it is still not a bad result for £250.
The domain however appears to point to British Bitcoin Profit below:

And every link on that page takes you through to here: 

Then the next ad in the list:

Only £250 and you're Rich - You are resting - Money works
Find out how Britains can improve their ROI by up to 610% on low currency prices. 91% of...

Which Akshay is advertising once more, but this time you are taken through to British Bitcoin Profit

These are obviously all the same scam run by the same group. They use affiliates to create their ranking so everyone wants to link to them for the $5-800 they pay for each successful victim. Whether you search for Bitcoin Rush or anther crypto scam, you see the same ads.

Beware of get-rich-quick schemes as it is not you who will be getting rich...

We would like to add that Google do appear to have stopped this terrible onslaught upon their users. We have not seen any scams advertised on Google for at least a month and we are extremely gratified to see such progress in a world we were fast giving-up on. We hope that the action implemented by Google will be followed up by FaceBook and Twitter and that sites like Quora and Pinterest will become more vigilant. The offering of free internet pages to people is quickly misused by SEO people pushing scams and other fake articles in order to try and trick the search engine providers and it is difficult to see a solution as long as Google pay so much attention to links as a means of evaluating a site. If truth and justice ever return to this planet, we hope that internet providers will be amongst the first to change their thinking.

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