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Watch out for this scam: pretending y

Watch out for this scam: pretending you have credit in some online account that you must add $250 to access.

There is no balance - it is another scam from sham artists.

The link that supposedly accesses your funds is actually to this scam site: which forwards you to another Bitcoin Code scam here:

You can see in the small print at the bottom of the scam that it reads:

*Please note that a transaction fee of $250 will be applied to your transaction. You will also need to confirm your identity by using your information to access our platform.

It doesn't mention that the balance is only a possible balance if you wind up in the 20% whoever makes a profit from CFD trading and even then you would have to be incredibly lucky to make that from $250.

Soliciting the trading of CFDs to US citizens is a crime and these people are talking about dollars. SCAM!!

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