The Elon Musk Method  

The Elon Musk Method

Watch out!

There is a new 'Elon Musk Method' scam. Here at:  You can see a sample of their website below with fake testimonies from various stock photo phantoms and various lies about what the application allegedly does.

They are pretending that Elon Musk is associated with their scam in some way, but this is obviously not true. This scam will have nothing to do with real Bitcoin purchasing and is not a way to invest in crypto currency which is a highly risky resource even to buy, never mind to trade.

We can see who the real owners of this website are from their logo at the top:

Now coin trader is obviously some sort of crypto-trading website, but we doubt that it is legitimate. Most likely it is another front for recruiting unsuspecting victims into unregulated, offshore CFD broker scams.

As you can see below the intended destination of the victims is malformed and ineffective:

See below that Elon Musk is being used time and again to try and bring validity to these scams and that the idea being suggested is a long way from his publicly disclosed beliefs.

Amazon and Elon Musk are very popular with these scammers at the moment.

Suffice it to say that Elon Musk does not condone sending money to dodgy offshore CFD traders and would certainly not recommend a 'method' to make everyone rich as he could be held liable if it went wrong.

The Elon Musk Method is a: SCAM - steer clear!!!


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