Secret Crisis Blueprint Scam - - Oliver James - YouTube Ad Scam

Secret Crisis Blueprint Scam - Oliver James - YouTube Ad

Secret Crisis Blueprint Scam - Oliver James - YouTube Ad

These scammers are now on YouTube!

This is really amazing that Google can permit this!

Watch out for this scumbag at:

They use this image: 


Presumably they are trying to be associated with proper books about life and business. The YouTube advert is targeting young people and mostly the actors they are using are girls.  The advert shows people having hundreds of thousands of dollars in their bank account and looking at the balance on their phones. This is very concerning.



Please notify us if you recognise any of the people in this video as it is an obvious scam to defraud young people.

They are claiming affiliation with: 


Which seems unlikely.

Here is a snippet of the ad:

They give the usual countdown to sign-up nonsense, then add lots of stock photos with fake names:


You’ve just signed-up for our event called...

The “Secret Crisis Blueprint”

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Dear Friend,

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Time left to agree - 03:05


What you’ll find inside:

Secret 1

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Secret 3

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Please understand that this unique moment in time presents you with the possibility to achieve exceptional results.

However as always with amazing opportunities like this, the government forces us to tell you results displayed are exceptional and not typical.

It's not guaranteed, this is not a magic fairy giving away free money.

Please be aware they want to discourage you to access 'loopholes' like this.

In fact, we're forced to tell you most people won't follow all the steps, won't put in hard work and dedication, and won't get any results at all..


We think the government wants to control everything. They probably want you save your money in a regular bank, don't take this risk, and pay taxes for the rest of your life.

But here is a fact:

If you got in about five years ago with only 250 you could have been sitting on a whopping 75 million pounds today!

£75 MILLION pounds...

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Now ofcourse past performance is no guarantee for future results.

And this is NOT a "get rich quick scheme"

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In fact we're NOT implying you'll be guaranteed to get or do anything for that matter..

But if you accept the risk, hard work & dedication this is definitely one of the most sought after opportunities that could help you break-free from the daily rat race

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With that said... if you won't accept all of the above please do not sign up.

Are You Ready?

Meet your Host:

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Heres the truth!!!

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  • This is disgusting, and disturbing.
    Who is responsible for policing the internet? It has become a place of horror and terror, just like much of the world. I wish we could go bank in time to before the capitalists came to Europe and live in a village with Charles Dickens Frown

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