Latest CoinInsider.com Scam Pages: https://www.securelyrichday.com/bitcointrader.php?aff_sub1=d6tji

Latest CoinInsider.com Scam Pages:


This is a new name that CoinInsider.com seem to have made up recently. As far as we can see they have no website apart from the one that CoinInsider.com seem to have made up for them. Of course it is the same old nonsense of connecting you to an unregulated, illegal offshore broker who will defraud you:

As you can see they connect us to 365CapitalMarkets.com who, if you only read the one star reviews of, you get the truth: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/365capitalmarkets.com?stars=1 

These people are affiliate scammers, operated by whoever runs CoinInsider.com and this server is simply a branch of their affiliate network belonging to CoinInsider.com.

The domain actually claims to be a professional firm:

So we will report the offending pages to this site, and if nothing changes then we know it is a front, just like a coffee shop with the scammers hiding out the back.

We have heard nothing back so presumably that company is a fake.

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