Crypto Genius - $5900 per day!

Crypto Genius - $5900 per day!   Can Crypto Genius earn $5900 per day for anyone? Why is the am

Crypto Genius - $5900 per day!



Can Crypto Genius earn $5900 per day for anyone? Why is the amount the same for everyone? What is it? How does it work?

Let's have a look at the Crypto Genius App.

First of all they state:

Crypto Genius is a revolutionary piece of software capable of getting you interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you wish to invest in something, cryptocurrencies are one of the best options

so firstly they are stating that this app invests in Bitcoin. That is what they are saying. Crypto Genius gets you an interest in crypto currency and and investing there is one of the best options. 

The question is, why wouldn't you just buy Bitcoin or XRP then? Why do you need this app?

Then they start diverting, with questions like what is Bitcoin? Which is somewhat irrelevant. A more important questions to answer is surely what is crypto genius as the word 'genius' seems like an odd thing for anyone who could suffer a legal comeback to want to associate themselves with.

So we shall skip past all of the Bitcoin related blurb and onto a description of their product:

Our team has designed Crypto Genius to be in the highest echelon of cryptocurrency apps. With advanced technology and robust service, The Crypto Genius simply overpowers its competition in terms of sheer usefulness.

Well there is not actually a single recognisable fact here. What does it do?

You might be asking yourself, “How does Crypto Genius work?” The truth is simple: Crypto Genius offers you both manual and automatic trading. Everybody should be familiar with the idea of manual trading, especially since it’s often seen in the news and other TV shows. However, automatic trading is the real star of the show for most investors.

Not only is this completely untrue - most investors buy stock long term in companies they wish to grow with - but it raises a very serious question. What do you mean by 'automated' trading. From our knowledge no one has made an algorithm that does anything other than lose money or the traders would just follow algorithms manually without an app and the market would evolve by brighter traders cashing in on the blindness of the traders who are just following that algorithm. Algorithms are not the way to win in trading. No AI module we have ever seen makes a profit or the builders of that AI would use it to take over the world.

They go on to say:

be advised that this opportunity is genuine; hence, it’s best to take advantage of it as soon as possible.

Which seems like an odd statement. What else would a trading app be other than genuine? Do you mean that some people believe you to be a scam, but that we should ignore them? This is an immediate red flag.

Then we can see:

You can deposit any amount of money, although $250 is the minimum to start

OK so it is the old $250 nonsense - this is a huge red flag.

We also read:

If you’re into manual trading, that part of Crypto Genius should be reasonably obvious to you. However, novices shouldn’t try out manual trading as there’s a huge potential for loss if they don’t know what they are doing. Instead, they should try out the automated trading feature.

Once again this makes no sense. If the app trades for you then why would it have a manual feature, and who would you be trading with? What exactly does this mean? It sounds like this product is just MT4 or MT% trading and they are just dressing it up to disguise the reality.

The main benefit of automated trading is convenience. If you choose to let a computer do all the work for you, then you have more freedom to do anything you wish. Convenience makes an app like Crypto Genius extremely simple to use, as you can check up on it once a day or even once a week if you feel like it. Another benefit of Crypto Genius ’s convenience is that anybody can use it! Given the fact it’s a computer doing all of the hard work for you, even a person with zero investment experience can successfully use Crypto Genius ’s automated trading system.

This really does sound, not only too good to be true but also impossible. If you could really just leave this website or app to make guaranteed profits then why would you ever need to check it? You could just open a hundred accounts on virtual servers across the world and for every account that went bust you would have nine that made a fortune. This is ridiculous. This must be a scam and is a huge red flag!

As long as you have access to the Internet, you can use Crypto Genius. Assuming you are using the minimum deposit of $250 (which most potential investors should have at hand), Crypto Genius delivers a satisfying and robust experience unlike any software on the market! Crypto Genius is the best introduction to cryptocurrency for any newcomer.

Here we are again - they want people with no trading experience to use the magic app with only $250 'investment' to get started, and we will definitely win without doing anything.

If we look at the bottom of the page, though, we see:

Important Risk Note: Trading can generate notable benefits; however, it also involves a risk of partial/full funds loss, and should be considered by initial investors. Around 70 percent of the investors will lose money.

OK so no doubt, this is incontrovertible proof that:


Do not invest or give any money to these scammers!



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