The Latest Brexit Millionaire Scam Ads

The Latest Brexit Millionaire Scam Ads:       About 8,790,000 results&nbs

The Latest Brexit Millionaire Scam Ads:

About 8,790,000 results (0.47 seconds) 
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They are hosting:
And considering how many of the domain show the same obsession with XR on the end, it could well be the private server of some internet pervert. None of the websites appear active, so presumably they are just domains for redirecting to scam pervert sites.
Then we are redirected on to:
Which has an instructional video:

The Ad has been reported.

Brexit Millionaire™ Official - Is Brexit System A Scam?
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Now this ad does actually take you to the advertised domain of:
But that is the most redeeming feature.
Clicking the video, via takes you to:

We have reported the Ad and the Wordpress site.



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