Payment Details 21784RU341574 - Spam Warning !!

Payment Details 21784RU341574 - Spam Warning !!   This spam email has been seen today:  

Payment Details 21784RU341574 - Spam Warning !!


This spam email has been seen today:




From:                                                       SAP SE <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                         Tuesday, September 8, 2020 6:07 PM

To:                                                            Recipient

Subject:                                                   Payment Details 21784RU341574


Dear Customer,


Please find your invoice (#PS500629068I) for your 08-09-2020 order. We appreciate your business!


123 N Davies Drive

Martinsville, Vermont 14691
Ph 597.202.9102. ext. 627 | Fax 971.719.3544.

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The file is a Word Macro virus seeking to compromise your computer in some way.

Do not open or (especially) edit the file. There is no invoice, it is just con man perverts trying to ruin other peoples' lives as usual. They are probably stupid and constantly masturbating in a hut somewhere, fantasising about the local goat.


This document created in online version of Microsoft Office doesn't actually make verbal or grammatical sense, and even the Americans can do that. It is not true, and you never have to enable macros to view anything. Macros are for processing of information only.

Report the source as spammers and send them an insulting note if possible.

Even better, kidnap the local goat.

We have also seen the same email using this link:



This is a friendly reminder that payment for BH-INV-049455 issued on 07-09-2020 will be due in the next five days. Please make prompt payment to avoid any temporary suspensions to your account in which access to new leads will be turned off.

If you have already paid for this invoice, please accept our apologies and ignore this reminder.


We have attached the invoice for your reference.


Thanks in advance for the payment.

Thank you,


Accounting Team | Bin Union

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