DHL - invoice(s) aug 2020 Attachments: IB3319313042.xlsm - Spam Warning !!

DHL - invoice(s) aug 2020  Attachments: IB3319313042.xlsm - Spam Warning !!   This email h

DHL - invoice(s) aug 2020  Attachments: IB3319313042.xlsm - Spam Warning !!


More fake invoices...

Never open an Excel attachment unless you recognise the sender. Never open an attachment sent by email for editing until you have emailed them back and confirmed they are who they say they are.

This email has been seen this week:





From:                                                       DHL Express - Cody Briggs <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                        Tuesday, September 8, 2020 5:26 PM

To:                                                            Recipient

Subject:                                                   DHL - invoice(s) aug 2020

Attachments:                                         IB3319313042.xlsm


Dear Customer,

Please find enclosed invoices issued for this period.
If you require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-855-376-0769 or send an email

We will be more than glad to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have


CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This message is from DHL and may contain confidential business information. It is intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient please contact the sender and delete this message and any attachment from your system. Unauthorized publication, use, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this E-Mail and its attachments is strictly prohibited.



This was all that the invoice spreadsheet contained - an image and some type of macro that we didn't allow to run. 

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