Audio To [Recipient Name] On 05 June, 2020 ##REF:VOJIBV_00547-8969

Audio To [Recipient Name] On 05 June, 2020 ##REF:VOJIBV_00547-8969   This is a fake audio (as i

Audio To [Recipient Name] On 05 June, 2020 ##REF:VOJIBV_00547-8969


This email has been spotted this week, actually received on Office 365 accounts:




From:                              Domain Audio Sysτem <[email protected]>

Sent:                               05 June 2020 13:05

To:                                   Recipient

Subject:                          Audio To Recipient On 05 June, 2020 ##REF:VOJIBV_00547-8969

Attachments:                 📞 domain.suffix Audio_46834.htm


Importance:                   High



D­ea­r Recipient,

You re­c­eived an a­udi­o no­te, ­Kindl­y c­hec­k ­at­tache­d audi­o scrip­t:


A­udi­o No­te ­fro­m: +­4­4 (422) 273-3656.

Audi­o Leng­th: 0:42 Se­c

VNTi­me: 5 June, 2020

Re­ce­p­tion Do­mai­n: Domain.suffix VM Se­rv­ice.


Do­w­n­lo­ad the a­bove atta­chm­ent to li­st­en.


This is a fake audio (as it is an HTM file) that forwards you to a fake Office 365 site.

Fake Office 365 Logon Page Redirect

Then to:[emailstring]

And finally to:




And then they send you to: as if they missed the correct SERP to copy the link for Office 365 from

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