Learn miracles from Bitcoin code! - SPAM SCAM !!!

 Learn miracles from Bitcoin code!   Ooh goodie, more chances to be ripped off by mad over

Learn miracles from Bitcoin code! - SPAM SCAM !!!


Ooh goodie, more chances to be ripped off by mad overseas bitcoin scammers!!


From:                                                       Bitcoin Code < [email protected] >

Sent:                                                         Thursday, June 4, 2020 8:22 AM

To:                                                            Recipient

Subject:                                                   Learn miracles from Bitcoin code!


Start taking profits from the bitcoin today and don't miss the opportunity to profit.



The link actually points to: https://gregr.page.link/yhhgyt

Which links through: https://dsfffmb.mobi/?rid=-7EBNQCgQAAHAL2wMABgEBEREKEQkKEQ1CEQ0SAAF_YWRjb21ibwEx&subacc=1.103

Which links to this lying nonsense:  https://bitcoincode.live

Where they actually try and persuade people with these lying scammers:


they then send you through to: https://bitcoincode.live/members

Which mentions www.The-Bitcoinscodes.com whatever that is. It appears to be just the same page again.

https://thebitcoincode.software/ Is a slight variant of the same page.

As is: https://bitcoin.safebroker.club/bitcoincode/ whilst https://bitcoin.safebroker.club/ appears to be the Turkish variant.

These videos are the basis of their scam: 




The AWS server they are using appears to be:


Once you have entered your details, you get through to:


Which asks you to deposit:

hiding on CloudFlare behind:

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