Important Message - Santander Spam Again!

Important Message - Santander Spam Again!       v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);}

Important Message - Santander Spam Again!


Here is another Santander Spam Message telling us that our account has been hacked...

The website that this email links to is not a secure website so most browsers will warn you pretty quickly in the address bar:[string encoding your email address to build spamming lists in future]

The actual link that the website forwards you to is: which appears to have been taken down. We will leave the link here to let the search engines know that it has been compromised. Links from this spam alert page should be at least a little damaging.

Whether this website used to be a phishing website impersonating Santander I don't know, but it is obviously Russian in origin, so whether it is just ex-KGB profiteering or Russian Mafia (if there is even a difference) we don't know, but it is obviously still successful on some level or presumably they wouldn't bother anymore.

The browsers we checked had already labelled this site as dangerous


From:                                                       Santander <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                         Sunday, May 24, 2020 8:01 PM

To:                                                            Recipients

Subject:                                                   Important Message




Dear Customer:

We recently reviewed your account, and we suspect an unauthorized activity.

Therefore as a preventive measure we will temporarily limit your access to sensitive Online features.

To ensure that your account is not compromised, please log in to your Santander Online and verify your identity to prevent deactivation.

Please follow step 1 of 2 to update your account.

Update now


Thank you for choosing Santander,
The Santander Online Banking Help Team.



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