Amazon Spam Warning - Authorization of Account Details

Amazon Spam Warning - Authorization of Account Details   We have seen this email passing t

Amazon Spam Warning - Authorization of Account Details


We have seen this email passing through htomail and outlook defences:


From:                                                       Αmаzоn.соm <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                         Saturday, June 23, 2018 1:58 AM

To:                                                            recipient email address

Subject:                                                   Authorization of Account Details




Authorization of Account Details




Validation of billing details in your account

June 22, 2018

Dear recipient

We need to validate your billing information you entered, which may not match with your Credit card's issuing bank. Please get these to us before June 29, 2018 to ensure that the services related to your account will not be suspended. We may contact you for additional information as part of the verification process.


You can start your verification process by clicking on Here


We hope to see you again soon.



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This email sent to recipient email address

Email ID: 122744Px690808054Fw90f4v6nJK9o408488ef019626

The link points to a site which has already been dismantled and Google Chrome already listed the site as fraudulent so we will not post it here..
Do mark this email as spam though as it is breaking through email defenses...

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