Bit-coin Is Making People Ri-ch - Spam Warning !!

Bit-coin Is Making People Ri-ch - Spam Warning !!   This is another criminal Bitcoin website, t

Bit-coin Is Making People Ri-ch - Spam Warning !!


This is another criminal Bitcoin website, trying to defraud people. The Bitcoin bubble burst a long time ago and the currency has never become useful for buying anything as no one accepts it and you cannot sell it easily unless you use a website so complicated that it makes inter-dealing with non-cryptocurrency too difficult. 

The $15k price tag is long gone and it now fluctuates between about $6k and $9k and you can try swapping in and out with other cryptocurrencies, but most of the major coins follow the same fluctuations and so you have to go high-risk to try and make any money.

In short, those of us who went into Bitcoin lost everything, which was almost certainly their plan all along.

Anyway let's take a look at the latest line of criminal confidence trickster trying to use Bitcoin as a brand name to rip people off:

From:                                                       Bit-coin Revo-lution <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                        Wednesday, October 2, 2019 10:57 AM

To:                                                           Recipient

Subject:                                                   Bit-coin Is Making People Ri-ch



This email is so simple it has no real content.

They try and mask their stupid bitcoin keywords by adding hyphens, so they know they are criminals and that they are being spurned, but without a conscience they persist anyway.

The actual link takes you to which is obviously an Amazon server, to whom we shall complain, but none of these authorities usually take any action other than passing the buck - the internet has become a tool for criminals (on purpose, they will use it as an excuse to stop us posting the truth about governments and banks and their sick principles.

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