Payment Advice - Advice Ref:[GLV91975399908] - Spam Warning !!

Payment Advice - Advice Ref:[GLV91975399908]  - Spam Warning !!   We have sen this email l

Payment Advice - Advice Ref:[GLV91975399908]  - Spam Warning !!


We have sen this email lately:


From:                                                       HSBC Advising Service <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                         Thursday, September 26, 2019 1:37 PM

To:                                                            Recipient

Subject:                                                   Payment Advice - Advice Ref:[GLV91975399908]


Dear Sir/Madam,

The attached payment advice is issued at the request of our customer. The advice is for your reference only.


Yours faithfully,
Global Payments and Cash Management


This is an auto-generated email, please DO NOT REPLY. Any replies to this
email will be disregarded.

Security tips

1. Install virus detection software and personal firewall on your computer. This software needs to be updated regularly to ensure you have the latest protection.
2. To prevent viruses or other unwanted problems, do not open attachments from unknown or non-trustworthy sources.
3. If you discover any unusual activity, please contact the remitter of this payment as soon as possible.

This e-mail is confidential. It may also be legally privileged.
If you are not the addressee you may not copy, forward, disclose
or use any part of it. If you have received this message in error,
please delete it and all copies from your system and notify the
sender immediately by return e-mail.

Internet communications cannot be guaranteed to be timely,
secure, error or virus-free. The sender does not accept liability
for any errors or omissions.


The 'view completed account' link actually takes you to: which takes you to a fake SharePoint site here:

And the system wants your credentials to proceed to download the fake attachment:

Once again we did not enter a correct set of credentials as there is nothing to download but do report this URL to make sure no one else does.

Please report the originating email address as a spam source also.

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