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6. February 2019 16:16 by sircles in SPAM, Phishing, Spam List Building Server Maintainance Notice SPAM WARNING !!   Watch out for the latest fake email mai Server Maintainance Notice SPAM WARNING !!


Watch out for the latest fake email maintenance server spam:

From: []
Sent: 07 February 2019 00:01
To: recipient
Subject: Server Maintainance Notice




User   : 

Dear recipient

User  ID:

Maintenance reasons:  server has indicated that your internal POP3 and SMTP   email delivery and receipt are experiencing delays due to congestion. You are urgently requested to Update your account to avoid service disruption.

Maintenance time:

From 2/6/2019 4:01:03 p.m.  points for routine maintenance!


Users who have received the email notification are required to opt-in for maintenance update within 24 hours  of receiving this notice. Failure will result to data lose or possible account deletion from servers.

Processing progress:

Please Login To Maintain!


















The 'Please Login To Maintain!" link actually points to the well known domain domain which will obviously give them your email address as well as popoulating their web form:

This site does not encode the email address and so allows me to modify the link directly making it harmless.

If you try twice it just sends you to ????

Interesting advertising partner...

Mark the website as phishing and the email as spam...


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