Virus alert... from Mail Admin [email protected]

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Virus alert... from Mail Admin #


You may receive the following:



Dear: [email protected]

We suspect that there might be some virus activities in your email account that is affecting our email server's deliveribilty performance.

And we demand that you take immediate action to scan and delete these threats from your email account.

To keep your account safe, please follow the URL below to run a quick email scan.

Scan- [email protected]


If you ignore this notice, your account might be suspended to protect our server from further damage.

Source: Email Security Team


The link above points to:[email protected]


Where [email protected] is replaced by your email address which enables the website to look fairly realistic:


Which is a link to a compromised website that will ask for your email password - UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER ENTER YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD INTO AN UNKNOWN SITE!


The above obviously has all sorts of fake associations to antivirus companies along the bottom, but the only point of this is to get your email account login password.


The 'Start Scan' button will show a progress meter, just to convince you that the site is real and give them time to login to your email and steal your data.


This website has been reported to the owners and to Google and Microsoft.


Please mark this email as spam and inform your email provider that this email should be blocked.


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