Spam - Proposal from Sello Moloto <[email protected]>

&amp;nbsp;Spam - Proposal from Sello Moloto &amp;lt;[email protected]&amp;gt; &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; From:&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;n

 Spam - Proposal from Sello Moloto <[email protected]>


This is not a traditional spam with links, simply a confidence trickster attempting to get a foothold.

Please report it as spam to your email provider and delete permanently without replying.


From:                                                       Sello Moloto <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                         Thursday, March 15, 2018 10:34 PM

Subject:                                                   Proposal






I am a mining services consultant.   I am Mr. Sello Moloto (I shall provide you with more details on my background later).   At  the  moment,  I  am  consulting  for  several  mining  companies  advising  them  on liquefied natural gas exports and storage.



The  South  Africa  economy  has  witnessed  a  steady  growth  since  the  end  of  Apartheid.  Within the Ministry   of   Energy   &   Mineral   Resources   where   I   worked   as   director   of   Auditing   and   Project Implementation, Mining and Quarrying alone contributes 12.9% to GDP, Gold made up R19.8billion rands contribution to the yearly exports and Base metals and other products contribute R8.9 billion and R7.4billion to the economy respectively. These figures do not include diamonds which is quoted separately.


The  Government  has  continuously  strived  to  improve  and  maintain  good  relationship  with  foreign governments  and  Non-Governmental  financial  agencies  by  ensuring  payments  for  all  debts  owed  to foreign  contractors .  As  a  matter  of  fact,  the  Government  has  sponsored  several  trade  delegations overseas to improve and attract foreign investments to South Africa.


I write asking to invite you to be part of this new generation of investors to take advantage of this new investment climate that would usher in a new generation of prosperity and growth for all involved. This transaction endeavour has minimal risks involved provided you deal with it with the utmost discretion.

 If you would require further clarifications you are to contact me immediately as I await your esteemed response to my proposal.


I await in anticipation your fullest co-operation.


Mr. Sello Moloto

Director, Project Implementation.

Email: [email protected]

Email:[email protected]

TEL: +27-837 292 713


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