EasyProcedures.co.uk - ONLINE CONARTISTS - BEWARE

What is this website EasyProcedures.co.uk Well simply put, it is an online conartist. This website p

What is this website EasyProcedures.co.uk?

Well simply put, it is an online conartist. This website pretends to be affiliated with the DVLA but has nothing to do with any official body and pretends to charge you £0.90 

They also pretend to have an online chat service which is actually just a very simple algorithm that can only respond to simple questions.

The phone number does not work and they charge £49 straight away for doing nothing

We are warning everyone now as the modern browser often retains all card details so be extra careful with conartist sites like these.

This site ranks highly on the term change address driving license in the UK

Having contacted the DVLA regarding this - they are aware that these sites exist and that you must be certain that your browser bar reads .gov.uk or you could be the victim of a scam.

the website is obviously mimicking the DVLA site:


Easy Procedures DVLA scam


And they have also added text to the beginning of their website address to mimic the DVLA site:


Mimicking the DVLA URL

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