The Real Reasons to be Top on Google

The most important reason to be top on Google is very simple. It isn't because it will make you the

The Real Reasons to be Top on Google


The most important reason to be top on Google is very simple. It isn't because it will make you the most money. It isn't because it will save you the most money. It isn't even because it will get you the most traffic (although that is the likely outcome)

The most important reason to be top on Google is that it means that your web design and marketing team are doing the best job. It means that the comments on your website are addressed the most quickly and get the happiest resolutions. It means that the content of your website is the most interesting and is read by the most visitors. Most of all it means that you have succeeded in making your website the best source of information and the the most favored check-in spot for your customers and, perhaps more importantly,  prospective customers. Quite simply it means that you and your web design team are doing the best job out of all  the competition. If you are head of digital marketing then that is a good feeling (and a pretty good line for your CV) because you and your web design team and marketing staff are hot property and everybody in competing digital marketing departments are reminded of this every day. Quite simply put, being top on Google is proof you and your products/services are the best right here right now.

It Is true that some companies arrived at the right time - if you were lucky with your first website attempt and you started receiving a lot of traffic early then you may well have evolved your online marketing faster than the competition just because your were getting used to dealing with more visitors and their needs. As a result your web team may have grown faster the the competition and you have found yourself with a large and valuable commodity in your digital marketing department. Toppling you from the top of the SERPS will be difficult now and well done for being there with or without the luck. These companies were around when the idea of an online reputation began to form and so they were the benchmark for how we rate online presence now. As a result a lot of their historical data such as PageRank and historical and archived comments are no longer analysed by the search engines. It is the newer opinions on the web that maintain the online reputation and keep everyone honest. It is therefore vital that if you have been at the top of your game - top on Google - for a while now it is more important than ever to keep increasing the quality of your products and service which bring us on to what has become the truth about SEO in the past two years.

SERP results are based on different factors depending on the size of your market.

If your market is something similar to insurance then you are obviously in a highly competitive web advertising market. The highest bid on Adwords is still insurance and as a result the comparison sites have arisen as a brilliant marketing tool. A website that effectively roots out the expensive claims and makes all the major players compete against each other in order to get you the cheapest quote. The system is, of course, open to all sorts of interplay between various partners and advertisers but the comparison site idea itself is essentially one born of internet marketing. If you can write a script that will forward the details of a customer to multiple providers and thee customer then obtains a deal cheaper than they did before you will instantly see backlinks galore as everyone want to show off what a great deal they just got to their friends - BOOM! - top of all the SERPS. Here we are seeing that the best price gives best rankings and in this regard that is exactly as it should be.

If you are a local business then Adwords Express and Google Maps are your most important tool. You are competing with the other local providers in your market and Adwords Express will not necessarily be taking into account much more than your distance from the provider and the keywords that they are associated within Google Search simply because if there is a question over which order they should be displayed in, the system can always just ask Google Search and the ranking from there can cascade down as appropriate.

The first place in SERP rankings has other benefits also. If you are receiving the most organic traffic then you will be receiving the most comments and links. This is great because it means that you are receiving free market research and that relevant copy is being delivered free to your website every day. Almost any kind of customer comment copy is good one way or another as long as you address the unhappy people and show that y have resolved their issues along with their comments. Google like relevant comment especially with the latest product names in as it shows that the purchasing public find your site useful and a place to register views. Because of this some companies will under price the SERP leaders to bring in traffic and therefore grow their website in order to become a contender with the top spot. There is nothing like finding the newest gadget cheaper the your friends have in order to grow quality back-links. There are no rules when it comes to this kind of play!

As a third party SEO marketing company we are obviously keen to get involved with your online strategy. I'm not going to try and hide that fact. But getting back to the reason for being top on Google why do we think you should be using us? Well there is only one reason to use us - because we will be enriching the experience for your users and that is the truth. If we weren't then we do not believe you would see more visitors. There are no golden rules to get started - you will have to take the plunge and call us to get that far - what works for others will not necessarily work for you. Some websites need to be no nonsense, others need to song and dance. But all need to give people what they are looking for and we hope you found that here.

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