SEO Begins at Home.... Make sure your content is bringing people to you rather than to the social networks

Our blogs have been 

All postings on the web are in order to assist web users - this is the most important thing to bear in mind. All that we post should be designed to enthuse people to add to the wealth of useful material on the internet. This is the basis of all marketing - to enthuse people and to excite them with your services and/or products. This has to be done with good and relevant information and with the organisation to allow people to find that information. This means that you need good internal links. Good links are what make sites like Wikipedia so strong. Every article is full of words that are links to other articles. If I look up a British music band then the word British is a link to a page about Britain and being British. This is Google's favourite situation as it is clear that the links connect readers to relevant high quality information. This is why Wikipedia is top for most searches on Google (although Google overdo it a bit and rely on Wikipedia too much which is annoying when they start asking the end users for money when you would think Google could come up with a donation to end all Wikipedia's worries) because the links are so strong and well built. With information of that quality others are always going to link to it anyway. So Wikipedia is a lesson to us all - give high quality for free and you will climb the SERPS. In a real and tangible way Wikipedia really do make life a slot simpler for Google and the search engines because they demonstrate the best parts of the Internet. The desire to tell others about what people know is certainly being put to good use in this example. 

So internal links to relevant pages is important but how do we get people linking in to us which is what we are really interested in - traffic? Well the quality of information is important as is the copywriting, but we do need to advertise our content and this is where the social media and networks become important. Our website is like a theme park - without visitors it will simply fade away and die. To get visitors you need quality attractions and you also need to let people know it is there. You have to get people excited about visiting and to do this you need to cause a stir. There are a great many ways to do this and I can't tell you what they are because then they would no longer cause a stir - they would just say be a cliché. It is important to have a theme - something that characterises your site or business as different. An identity that readers can attach to you so that they remember who you are and what your attitude is to the way you deliver your product. This helps because it means you have an appeal. Some people will like the idea of what you are trying to do and they may very well be in a position to help you - thinkers like thinkers and that's all there is to it. Wikipedia is a great name because it is a new way of achieving the old goal of a compendium encyclopaedia, it gives the intention as well as the description and so it has appeal.

so now the theme park has quality attractions (downloads, apps or web based tools are all good) a theme to make it stand out and all it needs now is to advertise. We need to get our attractions talked about on Facebook. If it was really a theme park then a video from the ride with lots of people screaming would do nicely. As it stands we need images, videos and articles pointing to our website so people are interested in reading further when they arrive from Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus. Our site theme will help with this as it gives people a desire which the site can fulfil. This is important. Your site must follow it's own theme or people will leave after reading only a few lines of text. Once you have imprinted a desire you must (at least partially) fulfil it. Any way you can link current news stories (Flipboard etc.) to one of your attractions via social media is a good start. It means that you are 'trending' and so SERPS will consider you to be up-to-date and relevant.

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