Richard Branson Deepfake Facebook

The idea that Facebook is unaware of this is simply ridiculous. It is impossible.

The idea that Facebook  is unaware of this is simply ridiculous. It is impossible. No one could approve this advert without comprehending that this is not really Richard Branson speaking. There is no way that they would have been able to survive in their job as an advertising executive unless they were overcome by what most advertising executives are overcome by, greed. Only an insatiable lust for corporate power and shareprice greed could drive you to something like this, and this is what we see when we look at Meta and FaceBook. it is a company with a single desire, make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Let's have a look at the video that Richard Branson and Virgin Group are supposedly presenting:

So here we are, in the face of obvious proof that Meta care much more about their shareholders than any of their users, which seems sort of self-defeating as without the users their shares have no value. They are just a very expensive set of electricity-hungry computers sitting around achieving nothing without us!

So what is the purpose of these messages? Why is Richard Branson being used to convince us that Elon Musk and Richard Branson have created an amazing way for everyone to be wealthy and go on holiday forever? Why are they using a fake BBC News page to convince of this?

Why do they think that the BBC advertise for people?

This is an interesting addition to the BBC News website as it must have been added for realism by someone who doesn't realise what the BBC is. In other words, by someone who has not spent much time living in the UK. Who would just assume that the BBC advertise? Probably not a European person as many of the European countries have national broadcasting corporations as do Canada and Australia. This may well be a US-based scammer. Let's have a look at this website as it stands:

It is the same text we have become used to:  insert celebrity name here 'has earned a reputation for getting straight to the point and doesn't mind being honest when talking about how he makes his money.' Which then goes on to explain how they were invited on to a famous TV show and started to explain to everyone how they actually make free money without any skills, investment, intelligence or luck when the banks phoned up and stopped the show somehow over the phone because they were worried that everyone would put more money into their accounts? What?

It is, of course, utter nonsense. No one goes on television and tells everyone about a secret way they make all of their money even though they are famous and rich anyway. It's nonsense!

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to make money without risk otherwise it would be on the front cover of Forbes and the Economist and money would become even more worthless than this fiat currency scam we are all operating under at the moment. Let's have a look at what Quantum AI really is, what it is for, and why these new DeepFake videos are being used to try and push it as a product in our minds on Social Media advertising.

Let's have a look at Quantum AI online and see what we can find:

The actual domain of only displays this page with the link from the adverts, if you go to the site normally, you get a different page.

This is fairly typical for scammer website. They hide their real identity to protect their criminality from people like and Netcraft. 

Here is the scam in a nutshell from some of the T&Cs online:

Quantum Al is a generic website used for marketing purposes

The website and its operator do not offer or provide any trading, brokerage or investment services or products.

Upon registration, you will be put in contact with a service provider that may contact you to propose you generic information, training opportunities or market research on financial instruments, commodities, crypto-assets etc. This service might generate costs for you. Please check the Terms and Conditions and the Information provided on the website of the service provider.

The website and its operator do not check the regulatory status of their clients or their compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. The website and its operator


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