The email scam

What is koincrest? Is it a real website?

What is koincrest? Is it a real website? Well it appears to be a scam, as you can see from our quick video below:

The site is apparently run by: © 2024 Trading Dawn Ltd. (UK Registration: 14812436) They give their address as: 19 Harlow Road, Rainham, England, RM13 7UJ and company registration number as: 1482136:

Trading Dawn

So they are only 12 months old and are already registered as a company with an Active Proposal to Strike Off and so are presumably in a state ready for imminent shutdown. This certainly would explain why they might want to be operating such shady endeavours.

Koincrest Bitcoin Boiler Room Scam

So as it turns out, the OTP part of the scam does not appear to be solely about selling on phone numbers, but rather about extroting Bitcoin.

We started a random BTC wallet just to send money from KoinCrest from here:

Now as you can see it does detect BTC arriving, (570 pence worth) because the system claims that you have to make a maximum withdrawal of 0.0001 BTC first and it does appear to arrive at your wallet:

But from then on it requires that there be 120.21 BTC available to withdraw from some sort of policy I supposedly insisted upon when I opened the portfolio even though I just withdrew 0.0001 BTC:

And so as you can see they are after that extra £1200 GBP ostensibly to allow you to withdraw £6.85 million. This is a pretty desperate scam and really does show this site to be a scam. Microsoft Edge has blocked it completely, why hasn't Google done the same? scam site


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