Offshore Broker Scammers

Here is a very typical FX trader conman trying to defraud someone, and let's take a moment to go ove

Here is a very typical FX trader conman trying to defraud someone, and let's take a moment to go over the salient points of this person's online presence.

From: Fx World <[email protected]>
Sent: 20 February 2024 08:25
Subject: Account Update #3677823

My name is John Allen,

I am a financial Manager working in Crypto Trading. I wish that all is well with
you. I can see that either you or your broker has opened an investment
account with us a while ago. May I know why you are not logging into your
Crypto Wallets? Is it an issue from your end? Or maybe a lack of Knowledge
in the Crypto World?

The purpose of this email is to help you either withdraw the funds, or file a
complaint against the financial advisor that you were dealing with. I can help
you either close the account and pull out whatever funds are in your name, or
help you continue trading with us if that is what you wish.

At the time the wallet was opened the broker dealing with you opened 2
positions on Ethereum. The exchange rate that day was $1532 a coin, now
the price of one ETH coin is standing at $2,297 and moving.

*Reactivation process: In order to reactivate your account, you must first
prove that you are the account's owner and then WHITELIST your wallet in
order to get the funds in compensation.

Confirm your mobile number in order to get more details and move forward
with this.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or worries on our
WhatsApp number: +447436781161

Best Regards,
John Allen
Technical Analyst & Support Manager
WhatsApp Number: +447436781161

Firstly, notice that they have not specified who they represent, whether they be private or affiliated with a broker. That is the first thing to understand, that all of these FXworld/FXtrader/FXbs are all the same people. There is no offshore broker, they are all just affiliates of scammers and scammers. They do not operate a license and they do not have any trading experience. They just want a phone number and a bank account to empty. All of the scammer brokers that the boiler room scammer operate are just the same scam after it has been reported so often that they have been forced to rename it.

He has no real company email - just a GMail account which is untraceable as everything goes in and out of Google servers and we do not know where he is uploading or downloading from.

His only contact details are a WhatsApp mobile number which does not receive calls from a landline and so it is difficult to trace. His email address may indicate he is one of many using the worldFX name for his GMail account.

We can see another example of the same behaviour below, just a little further up the scammer path.

From: James Larsen <[email protected]>
Sent: 16 February 2024 13:40
To: Steve FcKay
Subject: Hi Steve. It's James From Immediate Edge. Next Step is Phone Verification (Required)

Hello Steve.

Welcome Aboard!

We have allocated a partner platform for you. This is the normal process!

We saw you registered for our app and wanted to know if there is anything else you need in order to get started. We
have some great information about how to move forward and profit as well as how much you would need to invest.

* Minimum deposit is £250 depending on the platform, although most of our traders invest at least £500 for money
management reasons (to build up a balance faster and cashout more).

** Only the email you signed up with is compatible with the Immediate Edge- no other will work.

PS: You may be contacted via phone - please try to answer in order to validate your account and activate the app.


James Larsen
Immediate Edge Customer Support

Once again they are simply using a GMail account to pretend that they work with customer services for Immediate Edge but give no details of where they are, what their address or phone number is, and probably not their real name either. 

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