7mindaily is a ClickBank product that appears to be a scam targeting victims of previous scams

What is 7MinDaily?

7 Minutes Daily 7MinDaily Scam

The 7 Minutes Daily program is a ClickBank affiliate marketing system designed to provide a 'done-for-you' system for affiliate marketers. Here's an overview of the program and its features:

  1. Structure and Approach: The program offers affiliates a sales funnel for promoting the 7 Minute Daily system itself. This funnel is focused on building an email list, which is central to the program's strategy. Affiliates direct traffic to what are called "Money Pages," which are essentially squeeze pages or lead capture pages. Upon entering their details, prospects are redirected to the 7MinDaily.com sales page that's linked to the affiliate's unique ClickBank identifier.

  2. Email List Building and Marketing: The program emphasizes driving traffic to a squeeze page and building an email list, which are fundamental aspects of online marketing. This email list is added to a GetResponse account, allowing affiliates to follow up and promote any affiliate link of their choice. While the system is primarily geared towards promoting the 7 Minutes Daily program on the front end, affiliates have the flexibility to promote other offers via email on the back end.

  3. Comparison with Other Programs: The 7 Minutes Daily system is similar to other programs on ClickBank, such as The Click Wealth System and Perpetual Income 365. These programs also focus on driving traffic to done-for-you Money Pages, building email lists, and promoting their own systems on the front end while offering the flexibility to market other products on the back end.

  4. Overall Assessment: The system provides a structured approach for beginners in affiliate marketing, emphasizing crucial online marketing tactics. However, it does have limitations, such as a lack of customization on the front end. It's important for potential users to thoroughly research and consider how well the 7 Minutes Daily system aligns with their specific goals and preferences in affiliate marketing.

The website itself is fairly suspicious, not only does it have a very patronizing and questionable video, it also employs many of the tactics that are not really used by anyone other than scammers.


Who are clickbank?

ClickBank is an online marketplace and affiliate network that facilitates the sale of digital products, primarily focusing on e-books, software, and digital courses. Founded in 1998, ClickBank has become one of the largest and most well-known affiliate marketing platforms on the internet.

Here's how ClickBank typically works:

  1. Product Creators: Individuals or companies create digital products, such as e-books, software, online courses, or digital downloads.

  2. Affiliate Marketers: Affiliate marketers sign up with ClickBank to promote these digital products. They earn commissions for each sale they generate through their marketing efforts.

  3. ClickBank Marketplace: ClickBank provides a marketplace where product creators can list their products, and affiliate marketers can find products to promote.

  4. Affiliate Links: Affiliates receive unique affiliate links for each product they choose to promote. These links track their referrals and sales.

  5. Commissions: When someone clicks on an affiliate's link and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission, which is a percentage of the product's sale price. Commissions can vary widely depending on the product, but they are often quite generous.

  6. Payment: ClickBank handles the payment processing and distribution of commissions to affiliates. They typically pay affiliates via check or direct deposit, depending on their preferences and location.

ClickBank is known for its wide variety of digital products in various niches, making it an attractive platform for both product creators and affiliate marketers. It offers a straightforward way for people to earn money online by promoting products they believe in or by selling their own digital creations.

The platform is known for its ease of use, wide range of products, and robust affiliate program. It helps vendors (product creators) reach a larger audience by leveraging the network of affiliates, who in turn earn money by marketing these products. ClickBank handles the payment processing, affiliate tracking, and payout services, making it a popular choice for people looking to monetize their websites or online content. It's particularly favored in the internet marketing, personal development, and health & wellness niches, among others.

ClickBank also provides educational resources to both vendors and affiliates, helping them optimize their sales and marketing strategies. This has contributed to its reputation as a reliable and user-friendly platform for both beginners and experienced marketers in the digital product space.

However, it's important to note that not all products listed on ClickBank are of high quality or value, and there have been cases of low-quality or scammy products being promoted on the platform. Therefore, it's essential for affiliate marketers to research products and choose those that align with their audience and provide genuine value. Additionally, ClickBank has specific terms of service and guidelines that all users must adhere to.

ClickBank Hurry-Up!

What is Their Connection to 7MinDaily.com?

7MinDaily.com is associated with ClickBank as a program within the ClickBank affiliate network. Here's a detailed overview of this connection:

  1. Affiliate Program Structure: The 7 Minutes Daily System is a ClickBank program offering a "done-for-you" system. It is designed for affiliate marketers on the ClickBank platform, providing them with a sales funnel to promote the 7 Minute Daily system. This funnel assists in building an email list to which the 7 Minutes Daily system and other affiliate products can be promoted.

  2. Earning Commissions: Affiliates of 7 Minutes Daily earn commissions by promoting its sales page. The system includes "Money Pages," essentially squeeze pages or lead capture pages, used to gather email addresses. When someone provides their contact information, they are redirected to the 7MinDaily.com sales page, which is linked to the affiliate's unique ClickBank identifier. If a purchase is made through this link, the affiliate earns a commission.

  3. Email List Building: One important aspect of the 7 Minutes Daily system is the focus on building an email list. This list is integrated with GetResponse, an autoresponder service. Affiliates can then use this list to follow up and promote any affiliate link of their choosing, offering a degree of flexibility in marketing efforts beyond the 7 Minutes Daily program.

In essence, 7MinDaily.com operates within the ClickBank ecosystem, providing a platform for affiliates to promote its products and earn commissions, while also enabling them to build a valuable email list for broader marketing initiatives.

But 7MinDaily Looks Like a Scam

The 7 Minutes Daily Profits program has garnered mixed reviews, with some sources labeling it as legitimate and others calling it a scam. Here's a detailed analysis based on various reviews:

  1. Scamorno.com Review: This site describes affiliate marketing as a legitimate way to earn income online, but emphasizes that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. They suggest that the 7 Minutes Daily system could provide valuable tools and training, but the results depend on the user's effort and commitment. The review concludes that the 7 Minutes Daily system is legitimate.

  2. Tecsmash.com Review: This review raises several red flags about the 7 Minutes Daily Profits program. It criticizes the program for its lack of credible information, use of cheap marketing tactics, and reliance on upsells. The review expresses skepticism about the program's promises of easy money and concludes that it is a scam.

  3. Affiliateunguru.com Review: This review points out that the program uses misleading marketing tactics, such as fake testimonials and promises of easy money with little effort. It notes that the initial $9 fee is just the beginning, with numerous upsells following the initial purchase. While acknowledging that some training is provided for the money spent, the review concludes that the program is extremely misleading and does not recommend it. In summary, while some reviews suggest that the 7 Minutes Daily Profits system might offer some basic affiliate marketing training, the majority opinion leans towards it being misleading and potentially a scam, especially due to its unrealistic promises, use of fake testimonials, and focus on upselling. It's advised for potential users to approach such programs with caution and conduct thorough research before investing.

It is often the case where a mixed bag of reviews means that many of the reviews are from other affiliates looking to make money from an unsavory product. Fake reviews are big business nowadays as many companies specialise in reviewing scams in order to defraud people more easily.

Why Would ClickBank Hold Such an Association?

ClickBank's association with programs like the 7 Minutes Daily Profits can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Wide Range of Products: ClickBank is known for hosting a vast array of digital products, including e-books, software, and various online courses. The platform does not strictly filter or endorse the content and quality of the products offered. This openness contributes to the diversity of offerings on the site but also means that the quality and legitimacy of products can vary significantly.

  2. Affiliate Marketing Model: ClickBank operates primarily as an affiliate marketing platform. It provides a marketplace where product creators can offer commissions to affiliates who promote their products. This model encourages a high volume of products and affiliates, but it does not necessarily involve stringent vetting of the products themselves.

  3. Revenue Generation Focus: Both ClickBank and product creators benefit from sales, regardless of the product's quality or legitimacy. This revenue-driven model can sometimes lead to the platform hosting products that may not fully deliver on their promises, as long as they comply with ClickBank's terms of service.

  4. Limited Oversight: While ClickBank does have some policies in place to prevent outright scams, its large volume of products and focus on digital content makes thorough oversight challenging. The platform may not have the resources or mechanisms to comprehensively evaluate the efficacy or legitimacy of each product.

  5. Risk and Responsibility Transfer: In the affiliate marketing model, the responsibility of vetting a product often shifts from the platform to the individual affiliates and customers. ClickBank provides the infrastructure for transactions but does not take responsibility for the claims made by product creators.

  6. Market Demand: There is a significant market demand for quick and easy solutions to make money online, which drives the creation and promotion of products like 7 Minutes Daily Profits. Platforms like ClickBank cater to this demand by allowing a wide range of products to be offered, even if some of them might be of dubious quality.

In summary, ClickBank's model as an open affiliate marketing platform focused on revenue generation, combined with limited oversight and the nature of market demand, can lead to its association with a wide variety of products, including those that might be considered misleading or less legitimate.

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The transcript of the 7 Minutes Daily video reveals several common tactics used in online marketing, especially in programs that promise quick and easy money-making opportunities. Here's an analysis of the key elements and their implications:

  1. Sense of Exclusivity and Urgency: The video starts by suggesting that the viewer is "extremely lucky" to be there and emphasizes the immediacy of the opportunity ("your life is going to be changed right this instant"). This creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency, a common tactic to compel quick decision-making without thorough consideration.

  2. Promises of Easy Money: The promise of making daily income online by spending just "seven minutes every day" is a hallmark of get-rich-quick schemes. While online income generation is possible, it typically requires significant time, effort, and skill development, contrary to what is suggested in the video.

  3. Acknowledging Skepticism: The speaker acknowledges the viewer's potential skepticism about "instant riches" but counters it by claiming to provide "live, verified, ironclad proof." This is a technique used to build trust and lower the viewer's defenses against potential scams.

  4. Personal Story and Emotional Appeal: The story of Vince Dexter, an "ordinary truck driver," and his struggles add a personal touch and emotional appeal. Such narratives are often used to create relatability and trust.

  5. Mystery and Secrecy Around the Method: The video vaguely describes the method as a "secret money making system" that is "100% legal and ethical." However, it refrains from providing concrete details about how the system works, maintaining a sense of mystery to pique interest.

  6. Direct Call to Action with Financial Incentive: The video presents a direct call to action with a financial incentive, suggesting a significantly discounted price for the system. This creates a perceived value for the offer.

  7. Risk Reversal with Money-Back Guarantee: Offering a money-back guarantee is a common tactic to reduce the perceived risk for the buyer. It's used to encourage purchases by suggesting that there's nothing to lose.

  8. Binary Choice for Decision Making: The video concludes with a binary choice – either ignore the opportunity and nothing changes, or take the chance and potentially transform one's financial situation. This is a psychological tactic to push the viewer towards making a decision in favor of the program.

While these elements are common in online marketing, especially in the context of affiliate marketing and digital products, they can also be characteristic of programs that may not deliver on their promises. It's crucial for potential customers to critically evaluate such offers, research extensively, and approach them with caution. The high promises of easy and substantial income with minimal effort, combined with emotional storytelling and urgency, are often red flags indicating that further scrutiny is warranted.

The marketing approach of the 7 Minutes Daily program, as indicated in the video transcript, does seem to specifically target individuals who may have previously been scammed or are desperate for a financial breakthrough. This approach is characterized by several key tactics:

  1. Acknowledging Past Scams: The speaker in the video empathizes with the audience by mentioning that they, too, have "fallen for many of those scams." This is a technique to build rapport and trust, suggesting a shared experience with the audience.

  2. Emotional Storytelling: The narrative of Vince Dexter, who was an "ordinary truck driver" struggling financially, is designed to resonate with people who are in difficult financial situations or who have experienced financial loss. This storytelling method aims to create an emotional connection and a sense of hope that this program could be the solution to their financial struggles.

  3. Urgency and Desperation: The script creates a sense of urgency and targets those who are desperately seeking a financial solution. It implies that this opportunity is a rare and time-sensitive chance to change one's financial situation drastically.

  4. Promises of Easy and Quick Results: The program promises significant income ("$500 daily") with minimal effort ("just by spending as little as seven minutes every day"). This appeals to individuals who are looking for quick and easy solutions, especially those who have been disillusioned by other programs that failed to deliver.

  5. Risk Reversal with Money-Back Guarantee: Offering a money-back guarantee can be particularly appealing to those who have been scammed before, as it appears to reduce the risk of losing money again.

  6. Exclusivity: The presentation suggests that the viewer is among a select few who have access to this information, creating a sense of exclusivity and luck. This can be particularly effective for individuals who feel they have missed out on other opportunities.

This targeting strategy can be effective because it taps into the emotions and desires of individuals who are in vulnerable financial situations or who have experienced scams before. They may be more willing to believe in and invest in a solution that promises quick and easy financial success, especially when presented with empathetic storytelling and assurances of low risk.

Even though the intent to pull a 'second-bit scam' is obvious, it is still important to approach such offers with a critical eye. Promises of easy money with minimal effort are common red flags in marketing, particularly in the context of online income opportunities. Thorough research, skepticism, and due diligence are crucial before committing to any program that makes such high promises, especially if it targets individuals who have been previously scammed.

Who are Keynetics?

Keynetics Logo

Keynetics is a private technology holding company based in Boise, Idaho, primarily known for its subsidiary companies, including ClickBank. Here's some key information about Keynetics:

  1. Founding and Background: Keynetics was founded in the late 1990s. It started as a technology company with a focus on innovation in various digital fields.

  2. ClickBank: One of Keynetics' most notable contributions to the digital marketplace is ClickBank, an online retail outlet and affiliate marketing platform. ClickBank has become one of the most popular platforms for digital products like e-books, software, and memberships.

  3. Business Model and Focus: Keynetics tends to focus on internet-related technologies, particularly in areas like e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Their approach often involves creating or investing in businesses that utilize innovative technology to provide novel solutions in these areas.

  4. Other Ventures: Besides ClickBank, Keynetics may have other ventures and investments, but they are less publicly known than ClickBank. As a private company, detailed information about their full portfolio might not be as readily available as it would be for a public company.

  5. Privacy and Security Technologies: Keynetics has shown interest in privacy and security technologies. They have developed and patented several technologies in these areas, reflecting their commitment to advancing in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

  6. Contribution to the Tech Industry: Keynetics is recognized for its contributions to the tech industry, particularly in affiliate marketing and e-commerce. ClickBank, under the Keynetics umbrella, has played a significant role in shaping the affiliate marketing space.

Keynetics' influence in the digital market, primarily through ClickBank, highlights its significance in the realms of e-commerce and online marketing. Their focus on technology and innovation has allowed them to remain a relevant player in the rapidly changing digital environment.

7MinDaily 7 Minutes Daily

How are ClickBank and Keynetics Related?

ClickBank and Keynetics are related in that ClickBank is a subsidiary of Keynetics. Here's a brief overview of their relationship:

  1. Parent-Subsidiary Relationship: Keynetics is the parent company of ClickBank. This means that ClickBank operates as a separate entity but is owned by Keynetics. The parent-subsidiary relationship allows ClickBank to benefit from Keynetics' resources, technology, and business strategies.

  2. Foundation and Development: ClickBank was founded in 1998 and has grown to become one of the largest online retailers and affiliate marketing platforms. This growth was supported and facilitated by Keynetics, which provided the necessary backing and infrastructure.

  3. Strategic Alignment: Being part of Keynetics allows ClickBank to align its strategies with the broader goals of its parent company. Keynetics' focus on technology, innovation, and e-commerce has directly influenced ClickBank’s development and operations.

  4. Shared Expertise and Resources: As a subsidiary, ClickBank can leverage the technological expertise and resources of Keynetics. This relationship enhances ClickBank's capabilities in areas like digital product retailing, affiliate marketing, and online transaction security.

  5. Operational Independence: Despite being owned by Keynetics, ClickBank operates independently, with its own management and operational strategies. This autonomy allows ClickBank to focus specifically on its niche in the digital product and affiliate marketing space.

In summary, ClickBank functions as a subsidiary under Keynetics, benefiting from its parent company's resources and strategic direction while maintaining operational independence. This relationship has contributed to ClickBank’s growth and success in the online retail and affiliate marketing industry.