BitcoinSucker - is it a scam? Yes, I made it up!

There is no such software as Bitcoin Sucker! It was a joke we made up for a video which you can see on the Bitcoin Sucker website

It is very easy to say, without any risk of impunity, that the majority of the websites showing on the search engine results page to the right of this text, are knowingly defrauding their readers. How can we be so sure of this? Well because Bitcoin Sucker does not exist, we know because we made it up! 

There is no such software as Bitcoin Sucker! It was a joke we made up for a video which you can see on the Bitcoin Sucker website. The website was making fun of all of the scams that were being banded around at the time which all seemed to be called bitcoin something or other. We decided that a play on the phrases such as bitcoin trader or bitcoin rush would be Bitcoin Sucker as it would suggest you'd have to be a sucker to believe it!

Now whether the people running these websites just don't understand irony, or whether they do not fully understand the written English word is unknown, but because of their fear of competition (at least that is what we assume it must be) they decided to make their own Bitcoin Sucker website and start reviewing them on all of their fake review sites to make sure no newcomers got a piece of the pie!


As you can see, the top result, is offering a review of a website that we made up and of a product that does not exist:

Who Created Bitcoin Sucker?

There is no information on the website stating who created Bitcoin Sucker or who its founders are. We could not even find a hint indicating the professional background or expertise of the team behind this automated trading platform.

Despite the lack of this crucial information, we are not concerned much because the majority of cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency trading sites maintain anonymity for various reasons. But we do hope things change for the better, as this information could add legitimacy to the platform’s claims.

At no point do they mention us at all and they do not state that there is no such thing as 'Bitcoin Sucker' or how stupid the name would be if it did. Now how can this be? How could you write a review where you claim to test something that we know we made up? Well because you see, the review is the scam. The scam is getting people to sign up to a boiler room scheme. The review is the scam! You enter your details because of these ridiculous reviews and then the steal all of your money, very often using crypto currency transfers. If we look back to the review text we quoted, you can see that the author is pretending that depositing your money with someone you do not know the identity of is quite normal. The review is the scam. They are taking a very cowardly cut from a scam they do not even have the balls to perform. They just sell the scam to the unwary reader, it's really pathetic.

 And most of these websites do the same thing:

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As you can see the number of these fake review sites that have fallen for this trick is unbelievable. It is curious how scammers can be so easily taken for a ride. You would think that they would be a little more suspicious in nature. 

It also shows how the scam actually works, as they are instantly claiming that Bitcoin Sucker deserves the review: 'Our verdict is that Bitcoin Sucker has proven to be a legitimate and helpful trading platform and we can highly recommend' which is bizarre as we made it up with a name that is sooo stupid no one would ever believe it.

As the video below says:

Bitcoin Sucker was not really invented by aliens in outer space after the intercepted a broad cast of t'The Social Network.' Bitcoin Sucker does not really suck coins out of the populous and deposit them in your account. It is just a lot of nonsense designed to make people realise how stupid the idea of a trading system that predicts the future is. 

Anyone telling you that you can make money on the stock market or crypto currency market without investment or knowledge is a liar and should be avoided at all costs.


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