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What is AI Pays Daily? 🤑

AI Pays Daily is a website that can be found at and that supposedly allows you to make money from AI robots that trade for you in various stocks and securities. The idea is that the GPT-style AI have been trained upon some of the markets and have now been trained to become better traders than any person. Now this is not a ridiculous idea at all. In fact if you were training GPT4 on the markets and set-up back propagation against profits versus loses, then you would undoubtedly make an AI better at trading than any person based upon the markets alone. The problem is that markets also depend on external facftors, and although these factors might affect the market in fiscally or   This idea has been around a long time and has been used by scammers since well before COVID but now it is getting a new lease of life because of ChatGPT and other AIs being featured prominently in the news. 

News stories are always a great springboard for scammer campaigns as they associate the scam with something that the news has planted in our heads and so immediately wreaks of authority which means that a scammer will use it as a way of reinforcing their lies online. If they can get someone into a panicked state, with the use of a countdown until the deal opportunity for instance, then an idea reinforced by a news article a person may have seen is the ideal way to increase the chance of a successful fraud.

How does AI Pays Daily Work?

Well it is just a set of links to various scams and dodgy websites that will try and get your details to sell you some sort of ongoing subscription for trading, website services or some other misrepresentative service. These services will be poor versions of services that you could easily find from a web search that have entered into some sort of affiliate deal with thew owners of the AI Pays Daily website.

The AI Pays Daily will therefore be using their AI robot trading scam to try and get money from the links that you click based upon the description of the magic trading robot they are supposedly providing you with.

How Much Money Can I Make with AI Pays Daily?

You cannot make any money with this - at beat it is a way of connecting you with a very dangerous broker who will try to get out of paying any money due to you, at worst it is just a scam where they will take your money whilst pretending that you are engaged in some sort of trading while they make their getaway. These scams usually revolve around highly persuasive and aggressive call centres making your life a misery until you crack and deposit all of your money. After they have convinced themselves you have no more money to deposit, they will disappear with all of your money.

Can I make any Money with AI Pays Daily?

Unfortunately not. There is no way to make money with this website. It is designed to be a middle-man between the scam and the product you buy before you have realised it is a scam. The tactics are very simple and the results are that people enter into deals that they do not understand or benefit from but will have difficulty obtaining a refund from because they will turn out to be registered as a business in a Caribbean island somewhere or in Cyprus. 

Typically these business forward you through to anther website where you pay you money (in this case and they can claim that they were selling a legitimate product to knowing customers and that they are not responsible for whatever site brought you to their own site (even though that other scam site was undoubtedly an affiliate of theirs) and that no refund is available as per their terms and conditions. 

AI Pays Daily - Legit or Scam?

AI Pays Daily is a scam as far as what it promises and what it provides. The website has no AI functionality to speak of and can certainly not trade for you or make AI assets that allow you to market or sell anything on. 

As you can see from the links that cover the 'success' page:

  • 20-In One ChatGPT App
  • Learn the Power of AI
  • Create Your Own ChatGPT
  • Groundbreaking AI App
  • AI-Generated images of YOU
  • $1,000 Per Day with Video
  • CopyBlocks AI
  • TikTok Growth Machine

It is just a bunch of articles that you have to pay for or subscribe too and they are all completely worthless or are just a scam.

Is AI Pays Daily a Scam?

If you consider how it is advertised and what is promises, then yes, we would say that it is a scam. It is difficult to assert that any part of the scam is connected top any other part and so proving guilt would be tricky, but that is just a sign that these people have been running these scams for a long time and so have mastered the art of muddying the legal waters. The internet allows sites all based on the same server to claim that they are all businesses registered in different companies, when in fact they are just a bunch of mail-forwarding services and there is no real company at all. 

Who Runs AI Pays Daily?

Well looking at the website there is not much information. According to the contact page, you can email them on [email protected] but when we try that and see who they are and what they offer we receive the follwing: rejected your message to the following email addresses:

[email protected] ([email protected])
The email address you entered couldn't be found. Please check the recipient's email address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin. gave this error:
Address does not exist. qWopzq8hdS2K

So it would appear that there is either a configuration problem or that there is no address at cloudflare for this group.

The postal address is supposed to be: AI Pays Daily 1910 Madison Avenue #2546 Memphis, TN 38104 

So let's have a look at that and find the company that way.


Unfortunately, this address is just for a 'MailCentre' which is a PO Box style forwarding service so that the real address of the business is hidden. This is very typical of companies that know that their products encourage people to try and track them down and take action against them so we can assume that this would be a dead end in terms of contact as they would be very unlikely to reply to anything other than an official request from a government agency or similar. 

It is possible that they are a real client of the mail center but it is also possible that this is just a way of making people think that a letter is on the way too them when the mail center might just return said letter with a 'recipient not known at this address' message and a charge to the sender.

Usually with these services you need to add a code so that they can reference your client number but it may be that the name AI Pays Daily would be enough for the mail center to forward the mail correctly.

Where is AI Pays Daily Based?

Well probably not in Tennessee as then what would the point of forwarding the mail from there so that has narrowed it down to only forty-nine states. They are on shopify too but do not show an address that we can see but they do display an email address of [email protected] which gives us a bit more of a clue who we are dealing with. 

Perhaps that is who this person is: 

What Happens if I Have Already Deposited with AI Pays Daily?

Well they state that you can get a refund and if you purchased directly from Shopify then that may well be the case. If you have purchased through another website then you can always appeal to the Shopify customer service and ask that they make sure that someone who is one of their vendors is made to keep to their refund policy regardless of where they are selling. 

Can I Recover my Money from AI Pays Daily?

This website does appear to have some online presence so the chances of recovery might be better than from the usual oiffshore boiler room scammers but the fact that most of the contact details do not work is not a good sign. Chances of recovering your money from here are pretty small.

Why is AI Pays Daily Allowed to Exist?

Well because all they do is sell e-books and articles that could help you make money from AI and so there is no provable crime here. Just because they use a lot of lies to make you think you will become rich is not a crime as are likely based outside of any territory with an advertising standards agency and so are not required to abide by any advertising regulations. They could argue that their whole web presence is nothing more than a marketing campaign and that the whole thing is an advert and may not represent exactly the results that anyone may achieve.

Beware of any site offering easy money  and do not buy any products unless you have seen independent, decent reviews.

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