Find Out Why This Student From Cambridge Got Investigated by the Tax Office for Making a Fortune!

Here is the secret this student used to make over $100,000 a month! With the secret he shared with our readers, these investments might land him millions in the next few days!

Here we have a fake news article that may have originated in Romania, but the connection is sketchy so we cannot be sure yet. The news is ostensibly from Yahoo, which is a pretty weak source of news already, but this is a fake news article in every sense.

The fake article story is about  a student, supposedly at Cambridge who has found a way of making money that he is being interviewed so that everyone else can benefit from his success. 

The article appears to be concerned with YuanPay group which is some sort of electronic crypto-currency related to China. We can see from this supposed interview with the student named John Sarin, that is explaining that he made so much money that he was investigated by HMRC but was found to be acting within the law. John supposedly made $100,000 from $250 in only three months, which is a very common claim on these scammer sites. 

The text on the website is so shaky as they have replaced the original scam name with the words 'these crypto systems' and so the fake new article contains sentences like: 

It turned out that Mark invested in a crypto-trading platform called these crypto systems. He invested a small amount of money and the platform turned it into millions within a few months. This piqued my curiosity and I decided to try it out myself.

As is often the way with these fake news articles, the interviewer is intrigued by the technology and they decide to try it themselves with incredible results (by incredible, of course we mean ridiculous)

The article is designed to be glanced at and reacted from, as when you click most of the links, it takes you through to something called Bitcoin 360 AI rather than YuanPay Group.


As you can see from the image in the website inserted above, the student's supposed image is a stock photo rather than a picture of a student. It is from a company that appear to specialise in medical images, or at least images for medial websites.

Something called Zen Studios on Facebook...


You can see it in use here for a company called Doximity:Rupan Bose

Of course the article goes on to explain how these people have all made a fortune with no effort, luck, skill or serious investment. Let's take a look at some of their impossible claims:

Did Marcus Daniels really change his life with Yuan Pay Group?

Are you really asking this, after we've proven that this photo is from a medical photo supply service? Well of course there is no one called Marcus Daniels with that face that has invested in any of the boiler room scams and made money. The fake quote that they use is fairly typical:

“My first experience with these crypto systems was incredibly positive. I heard of it through an online crypto trading forum and the positive comments convinced me to try it out. I invested less than $300 and I kept my fingers crossed. I enabled the AI trading feature and left it to do its thing. After a few weeks, I noticed that my initial investment has tripled! I reinvested all of that money and soon I was making a couple of hundred dollars every day. This new money enabled me to live my life in a way I could never afford before!“

So his life has been changed to the point that he is free of the daily grind all by investing $250 USD in a trading software called Yuan Pay, even though this page takes you through to Bitcoin 360 Ai if you click any of the links. The lies on this page are poorly constructed nonsense and bear no resemblance to reality. They are attempting to entrap people who have not examined the site closely and therefore are most definitely scammers.

Did Ian O'Harris Make a Fortune with Yuan Pay?

Another soundbite, this time featuring another stock photo looking person, supposedly called Ian O'Harris has also allegedly experienced great results from this technology. 

“I started using these crypto systems more for fun than as an actual way of investing. But it soon grew to be my main income source. My small investment grew to thousands of dollars. After reinvesting that I found myself earning hundreds of dollars daily. If you have financial woes this could be the right solution for you!”

So this man is claiming that he was actually just playing a trading game when his profits began to outweigh his normal salary. This is interesting as it implies that there is some sort of human input to these trading processes rather than a completely automated trading robot. This man is saying he was using these sites for fun but started to make more money than he made normally. He is actually advising people in financial difficulty to get involved. So what does this tell us? Well it tells us that the scammers prefer desperate people above all other types of victim. People who are making decisions after being robbed of the ability to think clearly by poverty and misery. People who have given up on life and are ready to be destroyed a little more. That is thew realm of the scammer's favourite target.

Does Luise Stewart Really Spell Her Name Without the O?

Finally we have the testimony of Luise Stewart who has this to say on her involvement with cryptocurrency auto-trading robot investments:

“Using these crypto systems Group for investing and trading was the best financial decision I made. Even though I invested a few hundred dollars, to begin with, I made tens of thousands in return. The longer I keep my money invested the more profits it makes. It’s like a magic money printer! I think everyone should at least try these crypto systems and see what kind of money they can earn from it! “

Even if we assume that this is a real name or just a typo, it is a clear indicator that these articles are knocked out in very short order and are not proof read by anyone. The photo appears to be in several different websites and so is definitely not anyone called Luise investing in crypto. Here we can see that the photo is being used by some matchmaking service on Tik-Tok which may well also be another scam.

So all of the testimonials are definitely fake. Let's move on to the inevitable celebrity section:

Are Any Celebrity Involvements Suggested Here Real?

Well they do not tend to be celebrities in these situations, but more often than not some sort of technical magnate like Elon Musk. Here we can see that they are using Mark Cuban, Elon Musk and Guy Fieri. The non-specific quotes being thrown around are the usual type. Telling us that this is the greatest moment in history and that crypto-currency is the way to invest and become rich. Now apart from the fact that the crypto boat sailed some time ago, there are also problems with the way that these pages are put together. 

It is estimated that Musk invested heavily in these crypto systems

Elon Musk

Rumours are floating around that Fieri invested over $2 million, but their real number is unknown

Guy Fieri

Estimated Investment into these crypto systems is around $20 million

Mark Cuban

This is completely meaningless and is meant to mean as much

The real number is very likely to be nothing as Guy Fieri will never have heard of this app

'These' crypto systems? Cuban has not invested in this rubbish!


Checking the Yuan Pay Trustpilot listing we can see that they started off with good reviews and wound up with lots of people being scammed:

And from here we see their contact address:

St Magnus House 3 Lower Thames St EC3R 6HA London, what do you know? It's Finixio!


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