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Danny is a guy from Manchester using WhatsApp to harvest phone numbers for the boiler room scammers.

What is DannysMembers?

DannyyMembers.co.uk is a new scam on YouTube run by con-artists trying to get you signed up for dangerous binary ForEx trading and crypto CFD trading. This is a way to get normal people convinced, through a confidence trick, that they can make easy money online by following the instructions of trading signals (emails and text messages) which tell them when to buy and sell. This is a guy from Manchester using WhatsApp to harvest phone numbers for the boiler room scammers. This is definitely a good idea if you are a scammer because you will be getting people's numbers instantly without them having to phone - they only have to make one click and the WhatsApp app will link your mobile number straight to them. All you have to do it type a message and the boiler room scammers will have your number forever.

What is danssh.co.uk?

Well it is the domain they are using on YouTube to push their scam so that they can keep DannysMembers.co.uk when everybody reports the YouTube ad as a scam. They will simply get another domain with DA at the beginning and start the DannysMembers.co.uk scam all over again and Google will let them as all Google care about is their shareholders.

What is the Scam?

Well put simply, it is a bunch of Mancunian actors or conmen pretending they have found a way to make money trading ForEx and Crypto and that they are going to share their trades with you for free, because who can't trust a Mancunian? They offer to help you out and all they ask for is you to send them a WhatsApp so that they get your mobile number. 

The WhatsApp link is here: https://link.dannysmembers.co.uk/dtfxyt? which takes you through to: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=447897041966

They use a campaign id of: campaignid=19631891472

And so presumably are traceable if you can find the affiliate scammer network they are using. They appear to have used ClickFunnels.com in the past as you can see further down.

They are currently using +447897041966 as Dan's number but this will just be a SIM on a system that tracks every incoming message and logs that number, they then send the list to the boiler room scammers who begin their scam.

The YouTuber ad currently takes you through to: https://go.danssh.co.uk/danny?gc_id=1

This ad will be aimed at mobile users who click on the WhatsApp link before they realise it is a scam and unwittingly give their mobile number to Danny the Scam. As soon as they have the number, the boiler room scammers will call non-stop until they have everyone's life savings. It really is very sad. Even below you can see that they are slyly confirming that this a gambling game rather than any way of making money.

What is a Boiler Room Scam?

Well a boiler room is a slang term for a room full of very pressurised people being pushed to get people to make bids on CFDs online with various brokers. These 'brokers' will pressurise people into investing more and more money until they have put in all of their savings and then they will suddenly make a bet that will lose them all of their money. These bids are made upon very complex products like CFDs and ForEx binary trading which are highly speculative and so are very difficult to win against even if you are a very experienced trader.

The boiler room scammer is usually 

What Does Speculative Mean?

Speculation is the art of predicting a future price for a market share or stock in advance and then making a bid on that prediction. This process comes in various forms, such as spread-betting and CFDs. What these products offer is essentially betting on stock markets and ForEx (FOReign EXchange) rates and then winning or losing a binary (win or lose) trade. In other words, you are not buying ands selling stock, you are taking bets with brokers just like on a horse race, and if you get it wrong, they get to keep your money.

As you can imagine, this is big business. Making a prediction on something that has an outcome based on market conditions and news items is just as exciting as betting on horse-racing. It is a thrill but not too viable for business unless you bet very low with very predictable odd. Now there are finance houses all over the world playing games with these products and that is one of the reasons that the market can move so quickly - because unexpected market moves can have huge implications for people making bets on outcomes of that market. it means that the banks suffer harder and more quickly than everyone else - because they are so insanely greedy.

All of this is compounded by the fact that many of these dangerous CFD and spread-betting products allow for leveraging.

What is Leveraging?

Basically, leveraging is madness. It is the idea that you can pledge a small amount of money, which is actually a large amount of money. It means that you could pledge $5000 on a stock to go up ten percent overnight, but leverage that amount to x1000 so it is actually $5m dollars. If you make a mistake then you will have to cough up that $5m dollars at margin calls (when all market debts are settled.) 

For a normal person using their own money, this is like gambling with money you do not have. It is complete madness. Any product offering leveraging should not be used by novices just entering the stocks and shares markets. It should not really even be legal, and we are seeing these products being locked down in most countries. These are the sorts of products that these boiler room scammers use to defraud people of all of their money.

Get off my Car you Manc C nt!

Why Do They Run These Scams?

Well, they do it for affiliate marketing fees. Affiliate marketing networks are networks of people who advertise links with affiliate codes embedded and then they earn money by the advertisers having to pay a fee to each affiliate as their links are clicked on. So if Danny the Scammer gets ten thousand phone numbers, he might get one-hundred dollars for each number so that the advertisers (the boiler room scammers) can then try and get $5000 dollars out of each person.

These scams are extremely effective and millions of pounds are lost to these scammers from the UK every year. Even countries like Canada and the USA where CFD brokering (and even the soliciting of these services) is illegal suffer huge losses to these offshore scammers as there is no real way to police their activities. If they are registered in a company where these products, such as CFDs are legal, then they are not strictly breaking any local laws. It is all a bit of a grey area.

How Do These Scams Work?

Well if we look at the original scam page that they have failed to pay for:

We can see that they use the click funnels service, from Idaho US. Now Click Funnels obviously (presumably) do not want this kind of association and so it is only right that we contact them. Running a business ethically is tricky, especially when a lot of that business is conducted automatically such as we see with Alphabet, Twitter and Meta, all of whom advertise these scams. Detecting crimes is difficult, but do these companies actually make that much of an effort? It would mean losing a lot of business, especially for Click Funnels, who are an affiliate marketing company.

Let's try and contact them and see what happens, presumably they host this page in some way so must be fairly familiar with this customer.

The first thing that we notice is that this ClickFunnels.com website is like most giant US companies. There is no obvious way to contact anyone. They are an automated machine to make shareholder money and ignore anyone trying to take up staff time for any other reason. This is typical of all of the US companies that we try and contact in these circumstances:

As you can see there is no way to contact anyone, just to sign-up for a free trial by communicating with the server that runs their website. They do mention that they are owned by a company called Etison with the address of ClickFunnels.com, an Etison Product. All Rights Reserved © 2019-2023. 3443 W. Bavaria St., Eagle, Idaho 83616. 

We will try and leave a message:

OK so for whatever filter they have added, we cannot leave any comment. The blog may well be blocked to people entering a URL or require people to be paying customers before they can make any contact with anyone.

From the phish.report site we can see that their abuse email is: [email protected] and so we will address an email to them about the Danny character and all of his products.

We have received an update from ClickFunnels.com:

So hopefully they will disable the system at least for the time being.

Who is this Danny Person?

We can see that this 'Danny' character, if he is not just a very stupid actor, has started up another website in the last few days:

Registered with Google, which may indicate that they are using Google Apps as their messaging system and have bought a domain with Google as a result. The page is extremely sparse and appears to lack having any effort made towards it: