Bitcoin Circuit

Bitcoin Circuit is a boiler room scam designed to persuade you to send money to unregulated, overseas broker firms that are fronts for swindlers in other countries, possibly the UK and Israel

There is a new site now at which is extremely similar to the Bitcoin Rush site we talked about in yesterdays Bitcoin Rush post. By that we mean if you look at the elements of the page and how it is constructed, the concept and what have you, they are actually identical.

Let's go through some of the components of the site and do a comparison...

So yesterday we looked at eight elements of the Bitcoin Rush site, and they were:

So let's run that comparison against each of these elements.

The Countdown

So there are a couple of things to say about the countdown at the top of the site. Firstly the text itself - it says 'Warning: Due to extremely high media demand, we will close registration as of ' with the date and time subtended to the right - which is exactly the same text as on the site. It even has exactly the same number of minutes and seconds when you refresh the page, so surely it is the same webmaster:

Secondly it has the words 'Due to extremely high media demand' which we think is a sign that this group is responsible for the fake news you see on sites like Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin news sites and other rather ridiculous fake news articles. They are clearly advocating the idea that this product is under huge demand because it is some sort of secret that has been let out of the bag.

We believe that this website and are the same site with simply the name of the product changed.

The Title

Now the title is does appear to be very similar to as well. In this case the Bitcoin Rush website title is 'Bitcoin Circuit ™ - The Official App WebSite 2022 [UPDATED]' which we can see is again based upon the idea of being the latest and most up-to-date version compared to all of the other incarnations plastered across the web. It is therefore identical to the website which is 'Bitcoin Rush ™ - The Official App WebSite 2022 [UPDATED]' and so once again we can see pretty compelling evidence tha the author of the sites is the same, probably using the same template. We shall see, as we progress down the site if it is the same structure too.

The Video

The video is identical but many of the boiler room sites have the same video and it could just have been copied from one of the other boiler room scams. The video does not actually mention Bitcoin Rush or Bitcoin Circuit and so it cam be used with any of the Bitcoin xxxx scams, of which there are many. You can see some examples on our Bitcoin Sucker video. Once again this is more evidence that it is the same web designer and possibly the same website template.

The Sign-Up Box

 Now the sign-up boxes do look a little different, but not much. They still have the same fields in the same place and the same order and only really the font and colours have changed.

Apart from that they are basically identical. Without the colours it is pretty hard to tell which is which, so it is becoming more evident that these websites are operated by one and the same party.

The 'Advantages'

This is a section of the page that explains what the advantages of using the Bitcoin XXXX system are. In this section the Bitcoin Rush systems advantages were explained in three boxes, and here we again see the same ploy:

Here, the actual text does differ and they use different terms to explain what the software can do. This set of advantages talks about the Bitcoin Circuit system generating signals (email or text messages telling what to do in the market, such as buying or selling) that assist with your strategy. This is simply a way of making you think you are using their software when you are actually just trading. The signals are made up by people in reality, not computer software. They still use the idea of automated trading in the second box by trying to convince you that Bitcoin Circuit can work both manually and automatically. In reality the software does not even exist. The third box simply tries to makes the whole thing sound safe. It talks about security and safety and the brokers they work with. In reality when you sign-up with any of these services they send you through to an unregulated, offshore broker registered in the Caribbean that you have no easy way to take action against. Typically their whole trading interface is fake and it is just a scam to steal your money.

Let's compare that with the Bitcoin Rush text:

OK so although the text is different, the images and the titles are pretty much the same, in the same order. This really is the same website template used by the same people. Signals, Algorithm and Security, in that order.


Once again we see a similar section here, in fact it is conceptually identical. Although they have found slightly different words and phrases to populate the article with, the subject and response is an exact copy.

There is a paragraph explaining that this miraculous software will work on any device as it is web-based and will generate signals at only the most opportune moments to ensure maximum reward for its users. It is of course free to use (free money alert!) to everyone.

Then we see this addressing of the possible scam objection:

Well yes Bitcoin Circuit is a scam actually, that why you have to address the question. You don't see 'is Barclays Bank a scam?' in big letters across their website, even though some people undoubtedly think that their bank is a scam!

From here on the template changes a bit and the Bitcoin Circuit Now page no longer follows Bitcoin Rush for a step or two. 

Amazingly they miss out the three steps section and instead have a section explaining why it is such a good idea for novices (as if anyone would ever even look at Bitcoin Circuit twice) and they explain that the risks of dealing with Bitcoin are high. What they don't explain is that Bitcoin Circuit is a scam!


The frequently asked questions section is still intact though and they ask suitably stupid questions like:

Can I become a millionaire using the Bitcoin Circuit?

NO, you can't. As a member of the Bitcoin Circuit group even if you have no prior experience you will be scammed instantly by the boiler room scammers.

Whoops! Free money alert! Obvious scam!

So stay away from Bitcoin Circuit. It is a definite scam, no matter what all of the fake review sites tell you.

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